Friday, February 6, 2015

Nails Inc. Gel Effect - Round 2!

Happy Friday! Today I have my second attempt at Nails Inc.'s Gel Effect formula. My last attempt wasn't the greatest.

New Oxford Street is a dusty, greyed out purple creme, the colour is really great. The formula and application of the polish was awesome. It is very opaque and although I used two coats, one thick coat probably would have been fine.

Since when I previously wore a Nails Inc. Gel Effect shade it did not last very long on me I decided to wrap the tips of my nail to see if it would help the polish last longer. I was also sure to swipe each nail bed with some polish remover before applying my base. Unfortunately, by day two... again... I started to get some chipping. The first chip was on my pinky finger nail, which is odd, because I usually start to chip on my thumbnails or pointer fingers.

I want to blame it on cooking, you washing, preparation and cleanup, but I have been able to do this with other polishes without this kind of wear to my polish. I was really disappointed that this polish started chipping so early again. It's not like all my nails chipped at once, but once a few start to show signs of wear, I am usually ready to move on to another polish.

I am seriously considering returning the full set because I believe that they have falsely advertised their product as a "gel" equivalent, which in my mind is long lasting and durable, when in fact my regular nail polish lasts longer on average.

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