Monday, April 20, 2015

Fun With Nail Wraps!

I was recently offered a sample from a former co-worker of mine who has been dabbling in Jamberry Nail Wraps. Obviously I accepted! Today I have a mani inspired by the nail wraps I received, Wild Flower.

Wild Flower is a bright and sunny floral pattern with a sky blue base and a variety of muticoloured flowers. I used the wraps as an accent nail on each hand and combined it with Sally Hansen Triple Shine, Statemint. Statemint is a yellow leaning green creme, it contrasts perfectly with the bright floral pattern of Wild Flower.


Statemint applied well in two coats and dried fairly quickly. I applied one coat of Seche Vite over both the polished nails and the nail wraps. What I love about these wraps is that they are vinyl which makes them pliable and really stick on to the nail! You simply heat, apply and push the vinyl wrap on to the nail. I have tried these wraps before and they were surprisingly a lot more durable than I had anticipated. This time I tried it over a base of Bio Seaweed Gel UV base (which are applied to the rest of my nails as well). I found the wraps held up on one nail better than the other and came to the conclusion that it was the gel beneath that had it peeling slightly at the base of my nail since the wrap went lower than the gel base.

Even with the slight peeling at the base of one nail it still held up surprisingly well to day to day activities such as washing dishes, cooking and showering. The hot/warm water did not effect the bond of the wrap on the nail which was great. I'm curious to see how it would hold up in a hot yoga class, maybe I will test these out again next time, I once had a fake nail pop right off in class! Oops!

Although I applied a top coat of Seche Vite over the nail wraps, although it is not really necessary it adds some extra shine.

For more information on this and other nail wraps, feel free to contact Brenda directly though Facebook and like her page or visit her personal profile through Jamberry. Thanks again for the samples!


  1. I like the SH and the nail wrap works well with it :-D

  2. beautiful. love yellow and the wrap is great with it


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