Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Target Closing Polish Picks

Target has just started to liquidate (if you can call it that) merchandise since their stores will be closing their doors in Canada this year. Kind of sad, I think they didn't give it enough time and the locations of their stores were not the greatest. They only just opened up a location close by late summer 2014! After renovating and setting up shop for less than a year the are shutting it down.
I was able to score some polishes for a reduced price, I won't argue with that! My first trip I purchased Sally Hansen, Mint Sorbet and L'Oreal, Too Dimensional?, both of which I have already worn

I'm pretty sure that they were only about 10-20% off, but the Xtreme Wear polishes were originally priced a lot lower than I have seen them before, just under $2 before the discount. I got Mint Sorbet for just over $1 and Too Dimensional? for just over $3. Not too bad.

As for sales, in the first week I went, nothing I was really reduced all that much... yet! But I'm sure anything that was discounted well was already scooped up before I got there. I waited until they dropped the prices any further before heading back a week ago and picked up a few more polishes which includes some Cover Girls and a Sally Hansen

From left to right I have Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Vio-last and Goldilocks and Sally Hansen  Triple Shine, Statemint.

Vio-last is a saturated blurple creme and Goldilocks is a deep orange based yellow, it reminds me of the shade of a school bus. Typically I would have not purchased the Cover Girl brand of polishes since I don;t usually consider them when shopping. However, I was impressed with a polish  was  gifted recently (Bon Bon)  and decided to try some others. They have some great brights. I got these both for 50% off the original price which made them under $3 each.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine, Statemint is a yellow based lime green creme. I also got this at 50% off, which came to under a dollar because the last ticketed price was clearance.

Swatches for all three polishes are shown below at one coat each!

I don't think I will be heading back to a Target before they close their doors in Canada. I still think it's a shame they are closing so prematurely, it may have worked had they given it more time. At least I still have the the U.S locations when I am cross boarder shopping.

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