Friday, April 24, 2015

Road Trip!

Happy Friday!

I finally received my China Glaze spring polishes in the mail! I decided on the Road Trip Read set, although there are still a few from the Destination Unknown set I would like as well.

From left to right displayed in the packaging is I Brake for Colour, Pinking out the Window, Pack Lightly, Wanderlust, Bohemian Blues and Dashboard Dreamer.
I Brake for Colour is a deeply saturated coral creme. It leans more red in the photos, but in person you can see the orange undertones. One coat is shown on the swatch wheel!

Pinking out the Window is a neutral pink creme. Nothing really exciting, this is two coats on the swatch wheel.

Pack Lightly is a light peachy pink shade. In the bottle there is a slight shimmer, unfortunately it is not really visible on the nail. This is two coats are shown on the nail wheel

Wanderlust is a light lavender/pink shade (it actually appears more colour correct in the photo above, far right beside Pack Lightly). The formula on this one was very thin. It has a gold shimmer throughout, however it is very subtle. Three coats are shown on the nail wheel.

Bohemian Blues is probably my favorite of this collection. It is a bright periwinkle blue creme. This shade is unlike anything I own plus it has a great formula and is long lasting! Two coats are shown on the nail wheel.

Last is Dashboard Dreamer, this was another one that I really wanted. It is a pale blue creme with a pink/orange shimmer, it reminds me of Sinful Colors Cinderella or Cult Nails Princess. Both are along the same lines. I was kind of disappointed with this one since the formula was so thin. I think I needed three to four coats on the nail wheel! It was so sheer. It is pretty though, so I'll have to try it out on the nail before coming to a final conclusion on where I stand on this polish.

So far my favorite is Bohemian Blues and my least favorite is Pinking out the Window based solely on originality of colour.

What do you think about this collection; Which are you favorites?


  1. They look really nice. I should probably pick up some of this collection :-)

  2. This collection was a meh for me lol. I love boho blues though! I think you'll love the electric nights summer 2015 collection it trumps this collection.


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