Friday, May 22, 2015

Dashboard Dreamer

Happy Friday! I love spring colours. I typically look forward to spring collections, China Glaze specifically, in late winter. You may have seen the Road Trip polishes I picked up this year, and to be honest, at first swatch they were a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong, in the bottles they look awesome but the formula seemed thin and the magical shimmer in some of the shades were nonexistent on the nail.

So far I have worn three shades, Boho Blues, Pack Lightly  and now, Dashboard Dreamer. I am definitely feeling better about this collection now! Dashboard Dreamer is a soft, pale blue creme with a faint pink shimmer. The shimmer is pretty much non-existent on the nail, however it adds to the overall hue of the polish.

I applied two regular coats, the first was a bit streaky and the second evened everything out nicely. I decided to add a thin third coat for full, even coverage.

So far I am really loving this shade and the wear is fantastic, hardly any tip wear on day four.


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