Monday, June 8, 2015

May Favourites

Favourite Polish - China Glaze,  Boho Blues
A great colour and formula and I just loved wearing it. To see more information on Boho Blues, click here for the full post.

Favourite Food - Watermelon
With summer around the corner and temperatures rising watermelon is the go to food for summer! I think I may have indulged in watermelon too much in may! But it is so delicious and easily one of my favorite fruits. Tastes like summer!

Favourite Supplement - Biotin
I used to take biotin for my nails years ago but somewhere along the line I dropped the ball. Now with weak nails from a cold winter I need my nails to grow back in strong. I have started taking it again slowly, hopefully the health of my nails will improve soon.

Favourate Hair - Loose Waves
On a typical day you can find my long hair up in a bun ad out of the way. It just works out best for me since I do have a lot of hair and it doesn't always want to cooperate with me (and easily frizzes). A great tip I got from my aunt for effortless waves is a twisting technique I do to my hair after washing (while still wet) and I consistently experience great results every time!

I simply separate my hair and twist each section around my finger in to a ringlet. Once the hair has been air dried completely, in the finger formed ringlets, gently separate with fingers and style as usual. What I love a bit this technique is that nothing else is needed! No heat, no styling products and hardly any time. I tend to add the tiniest drop of argon oil before twisting the sections but that is a personal preference.

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