Friday, June 5, 2015

Public Polishers

Over the years it has been a rare sight to see anyone out in public painting their nails freely. There have literally been a handful of times I have noticed other women planning their nails in public. All if these times have been on public transit...

Start rant...

I think this is incredibly rude! Being in a confined space which may not always allow for proper air circulation is not the appropriate time to whip out a bottle of polish to paint your nails, I don't care if you are late for work!

Within the last few months it have encountered the same woman paining her nails on public transit, I don't always see her on my bus, so who knows how often she really does it. Being a nail polish enthusiast you may think that this would be a non-issue for me but it really does annoy me. With limited air flow the chemical smell lingers and I don't want to breath that in to my lungs in the morning on my way to work. When I do my nails, on my own time I may add, it is in a confined room with the window open or fan on, as not to disrupt the other people I live with! This chick can't even spare strangers on their daily commute!

Now like I said, she isn't the the fist I have seen, (or the weirdest, I saw someone paining a pack of fake nails on the bus before... don't even get me started on public nail clippers, that is just the deepest disrespect to everyone else you are riding the bus with, but I digress), however she appears to do it on a regular basis since I have witnessed this more than once.

My question to you is what would you do in this situation? Would it bother you, would you say something? I am not one for confrontation and am lucky I am able I crack a window open (and the weather is nice enough for it).

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