Friday, June 26, 2015

Show Your Pride!

Last weekend officially kicked of Pride week here in Toronto and this coincided with an Incoco Pride Nails rep. contacting me asking if I'd like to share their latest initiative with you including some limited edition  nail polish strips in support of Pride Vancouver. Of course I said yes!

About The Initiative: Pride Nails are a fundraising tool developed in partnership with the Vancouver Pride Society. Our intention is to enable supporters of the LGBTTQ community to demonstrate their support by purchasing Pride Nail and wearing them with Pride. Pride Nails are sold online and at select retailers throughout the city. Each year we will launch a new limited edition design, and we hope you are happy with our designs, our quality and our desire to support Vancouver Pride.

I love the pattern of these strips, simple with the white base and with a hint of triangle rainbow at the base of the nail.

With this being my first time using Incoco real nail polish strips I wasn't really sure what to expect. I read the directions on the packaging and watched a short video online to familiarize myself with the process. There is a really short learning curve and after the first strip was applied to my left pinky, I was confident in applying them to the rest of my nails.

It was easy to find strips that were the same shape of my natural nail. My pinky nails were a little wider than the smallest strips, but overall you can't tell, which is good! I found out after the fact that it is actually really easy to trim or file down the larger strips to better fit the nail. Noted for next time!

These were super quick ans easy to apply and I just love the look! The white base has a very faint shimmer that give the overall look more dimension.

A big thanks again to Incoco for sharing these with me and all of you. If you'd like to show your support and pick up a set for yourself, you can find more information at

*This product was sent to me from the Vancouver Pride Society for consideration. All views expressed are my own honest option.

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