Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More to Explore

Today I have an awesome mix of spring and summer in a polish. How fitting is that seeing as the Summer Solstice was this past weekend! It's officially summer now! This China Glaze is another one I added to my collection from the spring Road Trip collection and was on the too of my list when I first saw swatches.

More to Explore is a light yet bright coral creme. Although it is soft, it is not your average pastel! It is just on the border of being bright enough to be considered a neon.

This lovely shade applied perfectly. The first coat was slightly streaky but a second coat evened out the streaky bits. A final, thinner coat was added to most of the nails to even out any other imperfections. I was also dealing with some slight cracks and breaks in the gel base which I did not have time to remove at the moment. Considering this is a creme and normally shows off every tiny imperfection, I was impressed with coverage. Everything looked nice and smooth from application to removal.

I decided to add some bling to my ring fingers and thumbs with Finger Paints Colorful Collage. This is an awesome glitter topper mix made up of various sized holo hex glitter in a clear base. I love it! I wish it gave more coverage but I can't complain, I love the look. There is something about glitter and coral that I just love!

The wear was fantastic! I had a busy weekend of using my hands a lot for cleaning around the house, setting up for a party and cleaning up afterwards. At the end of it all I only have one noticeable chip on my left middle finger and a tiny chip on my right pointer finger.

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