Friday, July 17, 2015

Color Club Not So Mellow Yellow

Happy Friday! Bright and sunny shades are getting me in the mood for summer! Today I have Color Club Not So Mellow Yellow a bright neon yellow with an interesting shimmer.

The shimmer, based off my photos, look to be yellow or green, however up close it is actually an orangey red! This is odd since you would never guess based on what you see at first glance.

The formula was pretty great for a yellow, I applied three coat total with the last being thin to help smooth everything else out. I really love this bright shades for summer. Am I the only one who thinks that these types of colours feel hot or sour? Like a sour ball!

The photo below shows you just how bright this shade is in direct sunlight! A quick shot I snapped on my phone while waiting for the bus.

I totally should have layered this glitter over top while I was still wearing it, such a great combo.

This polish wore fantastically for a full week with very minimal tip wear. For a neon and a light shade such as a yellow, this is usually not the case.

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