Thursday, July 9, 2015

4th Cross-Boarder Shopping

So sad that all the festivities from last week as the weekend are now over and it's back to work :( If only July to September were declared permanent vacation time so we can enjoy the summer. But hey, at least the weather is finally summer-like!

Of Friday I did some cross-border shopping and picked up some awesome glitter polishes. It was totally unexpected too! First stop Ulta where I picked up some from China Glazes summer collection. I am not kicking myself because I regret not picking up a few of the neons. They had a buy two for $12 promo PLUS 20% off, so I got Point Me To The Party and Can I Get an Untz Untz.

Point Me To The Party is a multicolour neon glitter topper. It should be in a clear base, however it has a pink hue to it. I am thinking this is due to bleeding if the pink pigment in the glitter? Had I of known this I probably would have left it. I am thinking maybe I can get away with sponging for less of a pink hue, I really wanted to wear this over while, not washed out pink.
Can I Get An Untz Untz is similar to Point Me To The Party, however with green, blue and purple glitters (and no weird bleeding or hue in the base). I am really happy with this one, nice as bright glitters :)

I almost didn't check out Five Below, but I am glad I did, so many impulse buys! Luckily I didn't purchase ALL the Funky Fingers, and I am glad now that I did show some restraint. First I have some glow-in-the dark shades that I got mostly for the names alone...

From Left to right, Dia de Muertos and Oogie Boogie

Oggie Boogie is a slime green glow-in-the dark shade with a green tinted base and yellow glitter of various shapes and sizes. This was fairly sheer at two coats, however, I had no problem layering this because Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites!

Dia de Muertos is anther glowy shade in a cornflower blue base with hot pink glitter. I almost didn't get this one ( but needed anther to take advantage of the two for $5 with Oggie Boogie). I am so glad I did though, it's so cool looking! At two coats this one was also sheer, but I have no problem layering.


I must have been feeling the American patriotism that days because two out of the three shades I picked up are very American.

The first is Crushed Seashells, honestly Funky Fingers puts so much creativity in to their naming if glitters. Any other name as I probably would not have purchased this. But I can just see how I will wear it, over a sheer jelly base. It is made of of white glitter of various sizes and lighter yellow, pink and blue glitters that are larger. One coat is shown below.

Bottle Rockets is the second, it reminds me very much of fireworks. It is anther glitter topper with a clear base and various sizes of holo navy blue, red and silver glitter. One coat is shown below.

'MERICA, I just had to! This is a glitter topper made up of white, red and light blue glitters with a sprinkling of holo star glitter hiding in there as well. Super fun and I love the name! I have a close up of this one below to show the silver holo star slitter. One coat is shown in the swatch below.

That is all for now!

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