Friday, July 24, 2015

Flashback Friday

What a blast from the past this shade is! I was searching through my collection to find a bright neon to wear and found this, China Glaze Japanese Koi. I remember the first time I ever spotted this polish, I was in a salon for my first ever pedicure and picked out this shade. "China Glaze" I read to myself, never seen this polish at the drug store before...

Japanese Koi, I love the name by the way, is a bright neon orange that lean on being a jelly. The formula is thin an manageable and applied very well. It is on the sheer side, especially on the first coat and it almost appears to have more pink in it than orange, but it definitely builds up to orange in the end. I used a total of three coats over Deborah Lippmann, All About That Base, hoping it would help to eliminate viable nail line, but it is still slightly there, nothing to noticeable though. Especially in direct sunlight when the orange is pretty much blinding!

It has been wearing quite well for a neon, especially a China Glaze neon. just some minor tip wear after 4 days. I have never tried this one over a white base, but may try it out next time for full coverage and any even brighter pop... if that is even humanly possible!

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