Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Birthday Polish Purchase!

I headed to Sally's super late this month to take advantage of my birthday coupon and picked up some bright shades of polish!

First up are Orly Thrill Seeker and China Glaze Pool Party.

Thrill Seeker is a bright lemon lime green creme that boarders being a neon, but lacks the highlighter pigment. Two coats are shown in the swatches below.

Before I continue, it must be said that the China Glazes I purchased are not the same as the originals (original release). I was hoping this was just a Sally's thing, but unfortunately I have gone to at least three beauty supply stores selling the same (newer) versions. I personally prefer the new Pool Party, it's a more coral based pink. If I recall correctly the original was more of a deeper pink/magenta shade.

Next up are China Glaze Celtic Sun and Purple Panic.

Celtic Sun is the classic yellow neon. For some reason I don't own one, now I do!

I'm not even sure what Purple Panic is supposed to look like, but I don't like it. I was hoping for a magenta based pink neon (similar to what you see swatched on the far right, which is not Purple Panic, more on that in another post), what I got was a muddy purple... Not impressed. It looks way better above in the photos than it does in real life. I think the original had a blue flash of shimmer, which this does not. If you can't tell already, this will be going back... (and I did not include a swatch of it).

Swatches left to right are Orly Thrill Seeker, China Glaze Pool Party and Celtic Sun. In person Thrill Seeker is more green.

I was really feeling neons in July, another bright haul to come shortly!

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