Friday, July 31, 2015


I have been all about neons this month, I just cannot get enough of them! Orly's Thrill Seeker is no exception. At fist I was skeptical about picking it up, since side by side it looked similar to China Glaze Celtic Sun, which I also picked up in this trip to Sally's. Thrill Seeker looked slightly green, but it is more apparent in the nail.

I would describe it as a lemon lime green creme that is just below neon. It dries to a matte/satin finish like a neon but it lacks that eye searing pigment. In the sunlight it is awesome!

I could have gotten away with two easy coats but decided to add one last thin coat to even everything out. After applying the first coat I noticed some bubbles starting to form, but after that layer there was none to be seen. It may have been because I had my fan on? I heard that can happen sometimes. I turned it off after the first coat and the rest turned out great.

I don't think I have anything close to this in my collection which I am happy about. I'm hoping that since it is not a true neon that it will wear well, fingers crossed!

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