Monday, August 31, 2015

Clown Vomit

I made a quick decision for a polish change the other night. I wanted a bright shade that still said summer, but I think I am ready to start phasing out the neons.

China Glaze UV Meant To Be is a bright yet dusty medium blue. It is a little bit hard to describe so I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of this on it's own... I have been a busy beaver lately...

Good news is I layered a brand, spanking new glitter from Orly over top, Turn It Up.

The formula on UV Meant To Be was okay, not too think, not too thin. Two coats offer full coverage, I like how the formula was more of a creme than a neon. I do with there were such thing as a blue neon though, I think this is the closest I have ever owned.

It looks super cool under black light, unfortunately it does not photograph as glowy as it actually is. It is also unassuming. I find indoors and normal light settings it looks like a medium blue. But in natural sunlight it  really glows! Especially when overcast!

I was hoping that Turn It Up would be a decent coverage glitter gauging from how it looked in the bottle. Honestly, this is super saturated, way more glitter than I would have thought! What you see on my nails it only 1 coat (and blobbing). Crazy amounts of glitter in this polish and I love that they are bright, vibrant and matte. I am glad that I layered this glitter over UV Meant To Be, it blends with the glitters well. To be honest is started out as an accent nail thing, but quickly turned in to mani refresh.

I have been a sucker for interesting glitters lately, but almost left this one behind, I'm so glad I didn't!

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