Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bio Seaweed Gel Review Part 3 - Three Week Update + Conclusion

Today I have the final post in the tree part series on Bio Seaweed Gel.

I'll start off with an update on my pedicure with Bio Seaweed Gel in Victoria. First of all, I absolutely LOVED wearing this shade on my toes. It's so summer and chic. I don't think I have ever worn a green on my toes before, but I will definitely be wearing this again!

Overall wear was good for just under a month, however as you can see in my after photos below, my left foot is missing some polish...

This was actually surprising! I have worn other shades of Bio Seaweed Gel in my toes with no chipping what-so-ever after the same amount of time. I know that I got a crack in one nail which chipped the polish and lead me to pick it off. Otherwise, as you can see on my right foot, the polish is still adhered fully to all nails. You can even see the growth. And the growth alone is what lead me to remove the gel. I was honestly thinking if just reapplying the gel to the two toes and keeping it longer!

Removal of gels is always the worst part for me, I don't like using acetone. I applied acetone to some cotton rounds and applied to each toe nail secured with tin foil. After 5-10 mins and removal of the foil and acetone soaked cotton, the polish is easily removed by using a orangewood stick to scrape away the gel. A file and buff may be needed to remove any further polish from the nail.

As for the gel patch I had in my middle finger to fix a break, this is what it looks like after three weeks.

I bet you can't even tell! It started to slowly pick away at the base after multiple removals of polish with Acetone free remover. After about a month it was easy to pick and peel off the nail. I just applied another gel coat over the patch to keep the nail strong while the break is still growing out. I love this polish for patching broken nails or reinforcing weak ones.

Overall I am very happy with these products that were sent for review. I almost exclusively own Bio Seaweed Gel UV polishes with the exception of some Sensationail polishes. Let me know if you would be interested in a comparison of the two, application, performance and removal wise.

*This product was sent to me for an honest review, all views expressed are my own honest option.

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