Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hay Loft!

In case you haven't already noticed...As in previous years on my blog, this month will be dedicated to 31st of October, Halloween! This means exclusive content, polish and nail art inspired by Halloween.

Today to kick things off I have a hardcore lemming if mine from last year, China Glaze Rest In Pieces layered over Zoya Charlotte. I could not locate the Apocalypse of Color collection last year, I had to call around to get some of my favorites. And by the time that happened October was over. That is just one of the reasons it was too on my list to wear this year.

You want another reason? Take a look at that glitter! Rest in Pieces is a mix of matte black, copper and holo hex and bar glitter. It reminds me a of glittery hay!

Application was awesome, one blobbed coat was required and is shown in my swatches. It dries to a high gloss shine unlike other glitters. I love glitters on a neutral base, and this was no exception.

I will definitely be pulling this one out again before the end of the month!

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