Friday, October 9, 2015

September Favorites

This is an ongoing monthly post which highlights some of my very favorites from the month past. 

Today I have my most favorite things from September. Check them out below.

Favorite Life Change - School! 
You may notice I mention a small amount about nutrition and healthier recipes in my monthly favorites, so this September I finally decided to go back to school for holistic nutrition. So far it has been very exciting and educational. It has definitely taken up more of my time since I am still working full-time, so I am still adjusting. This has contributed to less time spent on my nails, however I am still doing them at least once a week at the moment.

Favorite Polish - Sinful Colors Blue La La
With less free-time on my hands, the beginning of September was neglectful to my nails, and I must say that Blue La La really held up well with with at least two full weeks on my nails! This also included a trimming (while still wearing the polish) and a refresh with a new favorite glow-in-the-dark polish, Funky Fingers Dia De Muertos (shown together below).

Favorite Book - Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell
I'm sure you notice most of my favorite books listed here have a similar theme, whole, natural nutrition. I have done a lot of research and I love to lean more about nutrition. If you read the China Study (Which I highly recommend), you should read this! It gives you a better understanding of how to apply the research found in the China Study to your overall life. I would recommend it to those who have not read the China Study as well as a fist read, it is not as technical and a slightly easier read. I haven't finished it yes because of all the extra reading I have with school at the moment, but I don't have the heart to put it on hold, its that interesting!

Favorite Fashion -  Faux Leather Moto Jacket
I had a few semi-dressy events this September. Although the weather was great in, when I needed a little something to dress up an outfit this was my go to piece. I purchased this faux leather moto jacket from Dynamite and I am just in love with it! It fits me perfectly and adds a certain sophistication to the basic of outfits. (Let's pretend the jacket is an off white, soft grey colour... they are currently sold out of the one I have but this colour is new for fall)

Until next month...

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