Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pop Goes My Heart! Madam Glam Review - Part Two

Today I have part two of my Madam Glam Chameleon Gel polish review. First to wear and test out is Pop Goes My Heart! I just CANNOT get enough of this polish! So much Fun to wear!

As I stated in part 1, I just received the four gels to try, no base or top coats. For this review I wanted to note that I used my own personal base and top coats, both Bio Seaweed Gel. I started off with a layer of basecoat which was cured for one minute and proceeded to add a coat of Pop Goes My Heart. On the nail wheel when I did my initial swatches I found the formula thick. On the nail I found it to actually apply a little better, although still thick. It was easier to manipulate which I think is due to the slightly sticky residue left from the basecoat. I tried to make my layers as thin as I possibly could.

After the first coat was cured I added a second which build up the opacity well. the fun thing about curing is the colour changes almost instantaneously due to the warmth of the light. Once the second layer was done curing I added a final layer of top coat which cured without any wiping.

A cool thing about these chameleon gels is that they dry to a matte finish should you decide not to add a top coat, you just need to be sure to wipe each nail with (99%) alcohol to remove the tacky layer after curing.

I am loving this gel, I am having too much fun with it! When it is cold it is a deep purple and at it's warmest it is a light blue. Depending on my body temperature (or the temperature or things I am touching or interacting with) the shade can be anywhere from a mix of the two shades or an in between colour (if changed to a deep blue from purple before changing to the light blue). It reminds me of space with the white pieces of glitter.

Day one - All above photos taken right after application
Wear: I wore this polish for two full weeks and it wore fantastically! Still as shiny and glossy as the first day I applied it with no visible wear or chips, not even in the usual spots! The growth is the only giveaway of the amount of time the gel has been on my nails. Check out the photo below and compare the amount of space between my cuticle and the gel.

After two full weeks of wear!
It is just too cool and my photos unfortunately do not to it justice. Most show with both warm and cold patches, with the exception of the last photo above which is 100% cold! I can't wait to try out the rest of the ones I received!

*This product was sent to me for an honest review, all views expressed are my own honest option.

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