Friday, December 11, 2015

Sparkle in the Sky

What to do when you are super busy and have no time to do your nails, but you are in MAJOR need to do your nails and have under 10 mins?


I literally took of my previous many on Monday night, applied base coat on Tuesday at some point and FINALLY had the 8 minutes or so to paint my nails on Wednesday. Crazy, right?

Textured polish has saved me many of times and Finger Paints Sparkle in the Sky was the perfect shade to wear given the holiday season! plus it adds just enough sparkly to be a little something extra.

Sparkle in the sky is apart of Finger Paints 2013 Enchanted Winter collection and it was my must have polish that season, and I only decided to wear it now! The base is an inky indigo and the "glittery" texture is made up of what looks like pink and gold shimmer. it really is a stunner.

Application was good, the polish wasn't overly thick like some textured polishes can be. I applied two coats to each nail and touched up about 4 days in for a family event I was headed to (again, no time to do a new, full mani). That is another plus of textured polishes, usually they wear like iron, however should they chip they are super easy to touch up and dry in a snap.

I really hope textures don't go away any time soon! The only negative I can say about this polish in general, is from what I recall this collection was not marketed as a textured collection, meaning there was no indication that they would dry to a matte and textured finish. I only found out online, I can't quite remember if there were swatches in store. Even though I knew, I would appreciate a clear indicator the next time.

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