Thursday, December 3, 2015

U.S Haulin' - Holiday Edition

I crossed the boarder in early November and have been so busy that I am only finding the time now, a month alter, to post about it! Let me just say that with the changing dollar that U.S shopping is starting to cost more than it would be to just buy certain things in Canada,which is a bummer. I enjoy my little cross-boarder trips. However, when you are spending 30% more plus the boarder guard decides to stop you to pay double taxes on the converted USD to CAD, it's a bit painful. Anyways, on to the better side of things, I picked up some cool polish!

At Marshall's I picked up China Glaze, I Love Your Guts - A pink/red foil with small black glitter scattered throughout.

Next Stop, Five Below. I was lucky, I only realized after leaving the store that the cashier charged me 3 for $5 instead of 2 (glow-in-the dark) for $5 and whatever the cost of the regular price would be, win!

Funky Fingers, Gourdgeous - Another glow in the dark shade, this time with a sheer, light pumpkin orange base and yellow and orange hex glitters of various sizes.

Funky Fingers, R U Afraid of the Dark? - A sheer blue leaning grey base with matte black and lime green hex glitter of various sizes. This is a glow in the dark shade and produces a decent glow considering how dark the base is.

Funky Finger, Son of a Nutcracker - my first Christmas themed polish purchase of the year! It is made up of light red, pink, green, white and silver glitter of various shapes and sizes in a clear base.

Swatches for the China Glaze and Funky Fingers are below:

Last Stop, CosmoProf, I picked up both these shades on sale, under $3 each.


OPI, DS Titanium - This is the first Designer Series polish I have purchased in a while. The ones I own are old and discontinued, I'm sure. The sparkle of this one intrigued me in store and it helped that it was on sale! It looks to have a jelly grey base with various shapes and sizes of iridescent glitter jam packed in there.

OPI I Sing in Color - A deep maroon creme. Although the handle of the brush boasts, "Creme Gloss" it was not a super high gloss polish. If anything it dried a little flat! That being said, a high gloss topcoat adds the perfect amount of shine.

The swatch for Titanium is below, you can see the full post  and swatching on I Sing in Color, here.

That's all folks!

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