Friday, April 1, 2016

Nail Fail Friday

Ever have have a moment where you realize you hate the polish you are applying? This happended to me with an old school Maybelline, Rapidly Rosey.

In the bottle it looks very vampy, eggplant plum with a faint golden shimmer throughout. On my nails it just appears off. It's not flattering with my skin tone at all. I found that it looked much more brown on the nail. I applied two coats and found the formula was off as well. Streaky on the first coat, but buildable on the second coat.

I can't comment on wear, I literally took some quick pics and removed this polish, stat! I am in dire need of cleaning up my polish collection and this one is definitely not staying!


  1. I find it pretty. I think this is okay with my skin tone. I find it worth trying out.

    1. Jessica - It's not horrible, but just not for me!


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