Friday, September 2, 2016

Line After Lime

Happy Friday! Yet another shade from the China Glaze Lite Brite summer collection. Today a pastel boarder ing on being a neon, Lime After Lime.

Lime After Lime is a yellow based green creme polish. It is bright like a neon, yet soft like a pastel. Although the brightness factor just missed the mark for giving that neon glow, in lower light setting ing it does have that glow-in-the-dark look to it.
I used two coats for full opacity and found the formula good to work with, not too thick or thin. I got a few comments on this shade from strangers, that's how you know it's good! However, I purchased this with the anticipation of it being a bright neon. That being said, although there was slight dissapoint when I applied this shade to my nails, having worn it for a week, it has grown on me!

It wore well with slight tip wear towards the end of the week, and little cracks here and there, although, from a distance they cannot be seen.

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