Monday, September 5, 2016

Ready to Rave?

This is probably one if the last bright shades I will be wearing this summer. Red-y to Rave, apart of China Glazes Electric Nights collection from last summer. I have been hearing rave (no pun intended) reviews about this shade since it's release in 2015, things like how it is a true neon red. Reds are not my go to polish if choice, I typically avoid them. I'm pretty sure this one ended up with me due to a sale of some sort!

In the bottle, this does look like a unique shade. It is a medium red that does look bright. When I applied to my nails I swear it looked orange! I have no idea why. The formula was good and only required two coats for full opacity. It's not a top coat hog, so it shines beautifully with a layer of topcoat. On its own it dries to a matte/satin finish.

The shade was pretty difficult to photograph correctly. Although I edited each photo for colour, I would have to say the photo that shows the shade as true as I could get on screen is the first photo in this post.

I find the shade of this colour is really dependant on the lighting you are in. It definitely is bright, and I found it to be a red-based coral shade. Not a true neon, but super duper bright!

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