Thursday, May 19, 2011

Copper Rain

Hello ladies,

So this is what I did with my Havana Nights mani. I wanted to cover up any imperfections caused by my base coat so I decided to try one of my new Sephora by OPI glitters, Traffic Stopper Copper. omg, love! This glitter is awesome, it has teeny, tiny little specs of copper gliter and larger hexagonal glitter. Sephora also has two other polishes similar to this one, Flurry Up ( Silver) and Only Gold For Me (Gold). I am lucky enough to own all three :)

I love the look these glitters give, it's always random and I really love the look of copper with the light blue. After I application I gave one final coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying of so many layers and it just blended everything together perfectly :)

The blue looks so perfect and milky against the shiny copper pieces. The weather has been so gray and rainy lately, hence the title of this post, and probably why I chose the colour combo in the first place. Just looking at my nails while walking outside just reminds me of some blingy rain.

I really love this mani and I am still wearing it today (I applied it on Saturday morning). It took a beating over the weekend too since I was helping my boyfriend paint his house. It still looks pretty good though, I have maybe one tiny chip. This next photo is most colour accurate, both were taken with natural light from an overcast and gloomy rainy day.

I may change it tonight or tomorrow though, not sure if I want to add to it or just take it off and try something else. I also just recieved my polishes from the Zoya exchange and my new BM plates, they were sent to the States then I had to wait for someone in my family to pick them up and bring them to me, thats why I got them so late. Look forward to some fun posts of those coming soon :)


  1. Very pretty, the copper sparkles look great against the blue base

  2. That glitter is awesome! Someone needs to dupe it quick because I don't live near a Sephora.

  3. Thanks ladies :)

    Queen of Crap - something similar I find are the hexagonal Milani 1 coat glitters, they just don't have the tiny glitter pieces. But I know I have seen something even close by Kleancolor, don;t know the names though


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