Monday, May 17, 2010

SAWAN - Huge giveaway is having a huge giveaway, be sure to check it out!

Her lot includes the following:
  • Victoria's Secret: Island Waters Hand & Body Cream
  • Victoria's Secret: Mango Temptation Hand & Body Cream
  • Bath & Body Works: Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer in Midnight Pomegranate
  • Set of Six Holographic and Opalescent Glitters (Super-Fine Glitter)
  • Set of Six Holographic Glitter Spangles (Strips of Glitter)
  • Little Stack of Glam & Glitz Samples from my containers:
    • Four different colored Diamonds & Grey Mother of Pearl bits
    • You can see the Blue, Pink and Purple HERE, and the Grey an PearlHere
  • Craft Mates Locking Caddy. Great to hold Fimo Bits and Rhinestones! :o)
  • Victoria's Secret: Island Waters Body Mist
  • Bath & Body Works: Berry Summer Vanillas Cooling Mist. I love using this after I go running in the hot Houston heat.
  • Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
  • OPI Mad as a Hatter
  • OPI SRO (Standing Room Only | Silver)
  • Sinful Colors San Francisco. When I got home, this sucker leaked everywhere, and I tried to wipe it down. So, sorry if there are cotton bits on it. :(
  • Sally Hansen Sea and be Seen
  • OPI Damone Roberts 1968
  • OPI Shrek Minis
  • Chanel Illusion D'or
be sure to become a follower to sign up! more details on her site:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not Hidden Treasure


Today I have a short post. This was a manicure I did a couple of months ago. I had originally used Orly - Green with Envy but wanted to spice it up a bit after a couple of days with some flakies.

Ever since Sally Hansen has come out with Hidden Treaser all of the polish bloggers have been going nuts! I recently found some awesome flakies - Maybeline colorama in Ruby Rays and others. I also came across some L'oreal flaries as well, they are so friggin cool! What is even better is that when I found them they were less than $1 each! Lets just say I stocked up the day I found them, the people who worked there must have thought i was nuts!

Anyways, on to the pictures, I used 2 coats of Green with envy and 2 coats of Ruby rays.

Monday, May 10, 2010 is having a giveaway for 2 Mangalze polishes!

Checkout the contest and rules here

Good luck!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Past Manicures - Absolutly Alice

I am a huge Tim Burton fan, have been for a loooong time, so when i heard that he was coming out with his own adaptation i could not wait! I was literally counting down the days.

I ended up going to see the movie after opening day in Imax 3-D which was pretty cool, in celebration of the release I created some Alice nails with the help of OPI's Absolutly Alice. This is the only colour I own from the 4 piece collection which I'm sure every one knows includes 2 reds and the highly coveted schizophrenia glitter - Mad as a hatter. Mad as a hatter did interest me, but I was not crazy about it. Even if i did want it, it sold out pretty quick.

I know you have probably seen this colour a million times, so when i wore it i wanted to make it special:

For these nails I used:
  • Base - random Sally Hansen blue, one coat
  • OPI AA - 2 coats
  • Accent nail design- konad zebra design with konad special polish in white
  • Accent nail rhinestone - heart from dollarama rhinestones (originally was a lavender colour), i used china glaze ruby pumps to paint over the original colour.

I wanted the "zebra" print to kinda of symbolize the kinda of warp zone Alice enters in to. The red hart is obviously for the red queen. I was pretty happy with the end result :)

* by the way, sorry for the bad photography. In my past manicure posts i didn't do any real photo shoots. but my up coming NOTD's I promise better pictures.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Past Manicures - Vacation nails

I have a bunch of manicure photos from the last little while to share with you.

The first round of images are from when i really started to get in to doing my nails, this was last year. Below are some pics of the manicure I had when i went on vacation to the Punta Cana in the Dominican in August.

My first attempt was some free handed tips with some accents.

For this design I used 3 polishes
  • Base coat - Sally Hansen diamond strength base and top coat
  • Pink tips - Ardene pink (colour name not specified)
  • Black design - Sally Hansen 10 day no chip in blueberry (applied with thin brush)
I really liked this manicure but felt that I had no bikinis to mach, plus my pedicure was China Glaze - japanise koi (neon orange). In the end I decided to go with something that matched my pedicure a bit more

I ended up keeping the same design with different colours

Nailpolish used for this design:
  • Base coat - Sally Hansen diamond strength base and top coat
  • Tips - Sally Hansen Diamond strength in Exquisite Peach
  • Design - Kiss brush on nail art in red
You can click to enlarge the pics to see the duo-chrome effect the polish had. In real life it flashes a teal/green/yellow on a coral base, very tropical :)

I also added some pink rhinestones picked up from Dollarama, I'm pretty sure I took these photos on day 2 or 3 of my vacation and unfortunately one or two may have fallen off.

what kinds of nails do you like on vacation, funky designs or bold colours?

I'll leave you with some more nail and beach pics.

enjoy :)



Hello out there in blog world! I have finally created my own blog with much procrastination. There are many beauty and polish blogs that have inspired me to start my own and I hope to share with you some of my own inspiration and ideas. Expect to see some of my previous NOTDs and swatches coming up soon.

I hope you enjoy, thanks for visiting!