Monday, December 23, 2013

This is Tree-Mendous!!

Wow, down to a few days left until Christmas, today is Christmas Eve, Eve! The weather here the last few days has been crazy, power outages, frozen rainstorms and icy roads. I really hope everything gets back to normal soon and in time for Christmas.

Today I have a great Christmas/holiday themed polish from China Glaze, Tree-Mendous, loving the cheasy name! This is a total Christmas tree glitter bomb, It is made up of medium and light green glitter with a sparkle or yellow/gold in a clear base. I wish the other glitters in this collection with the same formula had a slight tint of base colour to give it that little bit of depth. That being said it built up nicely to opacity with three thin coats.

 photo IMGP7909_zps44a3feba.jpg

 photo IMGP7911_zps9ae4897c.jpg

 photo IMGP7913_zpsdc0c59bd.jpg

 photo IMGP7912_zps150be2b6.jpg

It is super duper sparkly and glittery, but it has a naturally dull/matte finish without a topcoat. You may have to apply a second layer of topcoat for super glossy nails, I used one and was happy with the look.

 photo IMGP7914_zpsca536279.jpg

 photo IMGP7919_zps4d5aef18.jpg

My only complaint with these types of glitters are staying power, they always chip on me too early. Tree-Mendous was no exception unfortunately :( Me being me and not wanting to remove it after only one day, I just full in the missing pieces with some more glitter :) so far it has helped, it blends in well with the polish already on the nail, but it is still chippy.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nude Nails

I have a lovely Zoya nude to share with you today, Lulu. I actually forgot I had purchased this one! It somehow appeared on my desk the other day and I realized I had never worn it before, so here we are. I would describe this as a Patrick the starfish (Spongebob) peach. I think this is why I originally purchased it, I heard it was a close dupe for Starfish Patrick by Rescue Beauty Lounge. From the swatches I have seen online, Starfish Patrick  appears to be more opaque and brighter in case you were wondering.

 photo IMGP7882_zpsa53b2e84.jpg

 photo IMGP7884_zps461f3489.jpg

 photo IMGP7886_zpscf0bf501.jpg

I applied two coats to my nail, as you can see this polish is sheer. I would probably require one last thick coat for an opaque look, but I liked it at two coats. It cleaned up the look of my nail beds. Wanna know what else? I didn't add a top coat, didn't need to! It dried pretty quick and to a glossy shine, very impressive.

 photo IMGP7894_zps4ceef77c.jpg

 photo IMGP7888_zps30a89b2e.jpg

Now to find something to layer over it :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Candy Cane Crush!

They should totally make a holiday themed candy crush, unless they already have and I am out if the loop, that would be awesome! Today I have an eligantly festive mani, it includes use of a sheer nude and a mixed finish glitter! I have really been loving the look of nudes topped with glitter, it is defiantly a grown up way of rocking glitter! Makes me want to try out some new nudes too!

 photo IMGP7908_zps2da64b14.jpg

 photo IMGP7905_zps7bf60d2c.jpg

 photo IMGP7906_zps56ba4134.jpg

 photo IMGP7901_zpsc3f80e9c.jpg

For my base I applied two coats of Zoya Lula which is a sheer peach nude. After two coats it was not opaque but gave my nails a nice foundation for the glitter, I just wanted to even out the colour of the nail and blend the free edge in to the pink nail bed.

 photo IMGP7897_zpseda6ad44.jpg

 photo IMGP7898_zpsd58838cf.jpg

 photo IMGP7900_zps24a1d0ce.jpg

Once I added my glitter polish on top it also helped with blending the nail bed and free edge of my nail together beneith. I used Finger Paints Kiss By The Tree, which is like candy canes crushed up in a bottle, applied in a dabbing motion to apply the glitter over the nude base. The clear base of the polish can be a little thick and goopy, I had to fish around the bottle a bit to saturate the brush with the right amount and type of glitter I wanted for each nail. The good news is that in doing this I got the perfect coverage for each nail, yay! The bad news? Bubbling :( lucky for me it is hardly  noticable due to all the smaller glitter pieces. Another pro about this glitter is the finish, I find a lot of glitter topcoats have a satin finish, this one is all gloss and I love it! I didn't need a top coat and it dried pretty fast, especially considering I applied a thick layer.

I love this look and will be wearing it to a Christmas party this weekend. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I had every intention of participating this year in Nail Polish Canada's second annual Christmas nail art contest. It's basically three weeks of holiday themed nail art challenges with the chance to win some amazing polish prizes. I totally dropped the ball on this one! I barley made it on time for submission for the first week, snow themed, and totally missed the deadline for the second week, holiday decorations. I did however make an attempt, and here it is! A refresh of Zoya's Payton with son festive bobbles! I had this idea of an eligant cascade of various Christmas tree ornaments in gold over Payton's sparkly purple base. I found this nifty little design, not sure what it is actually supposed to be, in Bundle Monsters first collection of plates, this is BM-006. I used Sally Hansen Strong as Nails Brushed gold to stamp with, this is a discontinued gold foil/chrome.

 photo IMGP7821_zpsfbb502c7.jpg

My original intention was to have this design running straight down the middle of the nail, however when I accidentally applied the stamp more to one side I decided to stick with it for the rest of the nails, definitely more interesting.

 photo IMGP7827_zps68d2b94b.jpg

 photo IMGP7829_zps7cb93be4.jpg

So this was my attempt for submission, simple and eligant, not over the top. There were some wonderful submissions for all three weeks that range from simple stamping to intricate hand painted original designs. Good luck to all who entered!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Zoya Payton

Happy Friday!! Last year Zoya came out with a rockin' holiday collection! I was good last year and only picked out two from the collection of six polishes, of those were these lovely jelly polishes spelled with holo glitter flecks! It was at that point I hoped Zoya would create a collection in an array of shades with the same finish and glitter. Although that has not happened yet, they did release a few more colours with the same finish for this years holiday collection. I showed of Dream in my cross boarder haul, and today I have a full swatch of it's grape sister, Payton.

 photo IMGP7798_zpsb2b3b1d6.jpg

 photo IMGP7809_zps9895765d.jpg

Payton is an inky purple jelly, think of a melting grape Popsicle on a hot day, that is this polish! It is vampy without being black and is peppered with irregularly shaped pieces of holo glitter. The glitter sandwiches between the jelly adds great depth and texture to the super glossy polish.

 photo IMGP7807_zpsf8d1822a.jpg

 photo IMGP7811_zps85320248.jpg

Application was good, I added a tiny bit of thinner for smoother application. I painted on one thin coat and a second thicker one achieving full coverage easily. This shade is so perfect for the holidays without being so in your face. In an office setting it is a good dark neutral, while in brighter lighting you get a dramatic effect due to the glowing holo particles.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

China Glaze Dash Of Dazzle Set - Part Two

Today I have part two of my Nail Polish Canada review of the China Glaze holiday set, Dash of Dazzle. The polish I am wearing from this set today is So Blue Without You.
 photo IMGP7839_zpsdc4dc5e7.jpg
natural lamp light
The shade of this polish is a bright medium blue with a foil finish. At first glance it reminded me of Orly's Sweet Peacock from their Birds of a Feather holiday collection released a few years back. When I did a quick comparison of the two in the bottle, Sweet Peacock appeared to be slightly deeper in colour and darkness. I also feel as if So Blue Without You has a teeny tiny bit of green in it. On the nail is just glows as you can see from the many photos in this post, I took several photos in different lighting.

 photo IMGP7831_zpsd70979b9.jpg
led lighting
Application wise I had no issues with the formula, it was sooth and not too thick or thin. Two coats built up to opacity perfectly. The foil finish adds a lot of  shine to the colour and gives the appearance of slightly blackened edges at the sides of the nail. I love this!

 photo IMGP7833_zps9bd5abbf.jpg
camera flash
In terms of wear time it lasted pretty well with regular daily tasks such as washing dishes, preparing food and showering. The only issue I had was on my thumb where I encountered a huge chip on the second day of wear, however, this is likely due to the polish I used as a base. You see i get crazy breaking on my thumb nails in the colder months and use a polish that helps to repair the nail, it is the worst as a basecoat though, this is the second time this has happened this month, only on the thumbs!

 photo IMGP7835_zps66b07418.jpg
camera flash
Overall I really enjoyed wearing this shade, It's not only perfect for holiday gatherings and parties but the cold winter months ahead of us.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

China Glaze Dash Of Dazzle Set - Part One

I received a wonderful holiday set of China Glaze polishes for review from just in time for December! China Glaze usually puts out some a good array of gift sets for the holidays and this year was no exception. I received the Dash of Dazzle set for review, it contains three polishes which compliment each other quite well, Mingle With Kringle, So Blue Without You and Bells Will Be Blinging.

 photo IMGP7629_zpseb7395a6.jpg

 photo IMGP7633_zps37471bb9.jpg

Mingle With Kringle is a bold gold foil polish. The formula on this one is great, no issues to report on application and it was not streaky at all. My swatch below is two coats. I have read this is a close dupe for Zoya, Ziv, apat of their 2012 holiday/winter Ornate collection which I hope is true because I love that shade and was not able to get my hands on it! Check out The PolishAholic swatches for  Ziv here, its all the way at the end of the post.

 photo IMGP7638_zpsdd339bb2.jpg

 photo IMGP7711_zpse84b4d4d.jpg

Next up is So Blue Without You, another foil, this time in a medium blue shade. I really love this colour, so much prettier on the nail than in the bottle. It has that blackened look at the edges of the nail that gives it more dimension than your average foil. My swatch below shows two coats.

 photo IMGP7636_zps2d7fc5e3.jpg

 photo IMGP7712_zps0fbed348.jpg

Last but not least is Bells Will Be Blinging, a must have from this collection in my opinion! I love glitter around the holidays and this one is nothing like I have seen before from China Glaze. Various sized blue and silver holo glitter make up this fun topper. This would looks great layered over either of the fist two polishes.

 photo IMGP7634_zpsa3e48bc8.jpg

 photo IMGP7707_zpsd1792336.jpg

The set as a whole is love for me, I got to choose between this and the Touch of Twinkle set (mostly red/pink shades) and this one is totally me. Not only is is great around the holidays on its own or in nail art, but also in the months after December. This is definitely a winner for me :)

 photo IMGP7705_zps0eb6eaf2.jpg
indirect lighting
 photo IMGP7733_zps5d1e7317.jpg
natural lighting

Stay tuned tomorrow for part two of my review which includes wear of the polish and more swatches.

*This product was sent to me for an honest review, all views expressed are my own honest option.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Doppelgängers! Featuring China Glaze Howl You Doin?, OPI Merry Midnight and Orly Fowl Play

Today I have a trifecta of a comparison! China Glaze Howl You Doin? is going up against OPI, Merry Midnight and Orly Fowl Play, pretty festive for the month of December ;) Although the colour and sparkle may appear the same at first glance there are some differences between all three polishes, lets start with a short description of Howl You Doing?

China Glaze Howl You Doing?
- deep purple base
- jelly/crelly texture base
- opaque jelly/crelly
- jam packed with blue/purple glitter
- copper orange flakies
- dull finish
- two regular coats for opacity

 photo IMGP7741_zps7983e9ad.jpg
 photo IMGP7702_zps8e5998da.jpg

OPI Merry Midnight
- red based purple base
- jelly texture base
- translucent jelly
- opalescent flakies, colour change
- fine blue micro shimmer/glitter
- glossy finish
- four thin coats for opacity

 photo IMGP7702-1_zpsf520ceb6.jpg
 photo IMGP7701_zps1c0291f9.jpg

Orly Fowl Play
- deep blue based purple base
- jelly texture
- translucent jelly
- opalescent flakies, colour change
- fine micro shimmer/glitter
- glossy finish
- three regular coats for opacity

 photo IMGP7743_zps7e27ef5c.jpg
 photo IMGP7700_zps533389a7.jpg

Merry Midnight and Fowl Play are closer to each glitter/flakie wise, where Howl You Doing and Fowl Play are closer base colour wise! I do not consider any of these dupes, but you definitely don't need all three. For an in depth comparison between Fowl Play and Merry Midnight refer to this Doppelgängers post. I personally would be happy with the OPI and China Glaze only since they are different enough, but I do think Fowl Play is a good substitute for Merry Midnight should you be unavailable to find it.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Last Cross-Boarder Haul of 2013!

Today I have a great haul from a few weeks back. It includes polishes I specifically wanted and others I didn't even know existed! Let's start off simple with Rite Aid!

 photo IMGP7745_zps0ac1da6b.jpg

Daddy's Girl is one of the first Sinful Colors I just had to have! I don't know if I couldn't find it and lost interest or just forgot about it, but I picked it up for $1, plus I got Wellness points, which I still don't fully get lol. If someone could please help me understand that would be awesome! This polish is a deep dark purple jelly with duochromatic glitter that shifts from orange to green, but shows prominently red/pink.

 photo IMGP7727_zps4ed115d5.jpg

Next stop, Sally's! They had a great promo on China Glaze if you got three, however I only needed one... There's Snow One Like You. I had to try this one, I have seen so many bad representations of this texture polish but the concept is so cool, snow on your nails! It has the same finish as my favourite China Glaze Texture polish, Bump in the Night with added medium hex glitter to add to the snowy texture.

 photo IMGP7748_zps47c957e1.jpg

My swatch shows two thin coats. I think the trick to getting this not looking like cottage cheese is to apply thin coats and allow to dry time before applying the next coat.

 photo IMGP7722_zps5789dd66.jpg
 photo IMGP77388_zps137eb2a0.jpg
sun light
Next up are some Finger Paints from one of their Holiday collections. I haven't heard much about this one except for the fact that is it called the Holiday Love Affair. Not to be confused with A Pair Affair from Fall or Enchanted Winter which is their textured holiday collection.

 photo IMGP7756_zps5f85a19c.jpg

Sugar Cookies for Two is a glitter topper made up of gold, white cold and black bar (hair) glitter in a clear base. I love this one so much more than I thought I would. I tried to layer this one to opacity and it is so blingy and pretty! The colour combo is perfect, I can see myself layering this over a gold foil or a sheer nude for the holidays!

 photo IMGP7760_zpseadf298b.jpg

Frolic in the Snow is a glitter topper made up of matte white bar (hair) glitter in a clear base with prismatic shimmer predominately pink. I don't know how I feel about this one yet. In the bottle I love it, it has the texture of snowflake pieces or ice crystals when water is freezing. I didn't notice the shimmer at first, I kind of wish it was blue instead of pink. I will be trying out some layering with other shades and see if I come up with any good combos.

 photo IMGP7758_zpsfc4e6a33.jpg

Kiss by the Tree is a glitter topper made up of various shaped red and white glitter including hex, bar and circle glitter in a clear base. I would prefer if this was called peppermint bark, or candy cane or soemthing. I love this combo of glitter but am not getting the name lol. I had seen this polish advertised in the sally flyer and email promos they were sending me but I could not find it on their site or any information about this whole collection anywhere! So Happy I stumbled upon this one when I had the chance!

 photo IMGP7762_zpsc73d5338.jpg

Since I purchased three Finger Paints I received a cute clutch free! I also received a Sally's reusable bag and a 10% discount on top of everything! Woo coupons! below are swatches in the shade. I did some dabbing of glitter for the first two and one regular coat for Kiss by the TRee on the right.

 photo IMGP7717_zps5a5cd32a.jpg

Speaking of coupons, I used my get $3.50 off a $10+ purchase in conjunction with the Zoya promo they had of buy two get one free, score!!  I picked up Dream, Payton and Maria Louisa.

 photo IMGP7749_zps5eaeea5e.jpg

Zoya,Dream is a beautiful royal blue jelly jam packed with holographic glitter particles. I was drooling over this one when I first sw the promo pics! I love my blues and this one is just so cool! Ulta didn't have any eft in the display, I kind of started panicing because it was the only one missing and I needed it! The nice sales lady had a look in the back for me, but lucky for me I would it mixed in with the core colours section! woo hoo, last one!

 photo IMGP7766_zpsa4d63b6c.jpg

Next I picked up Dreams sister, Payton. This is a gorgeous deep grape jelly has the same formula and holo glitter paricles as dream. I just love these polishes, I wish they came in ever colour! 

 photo IMGP7765_zps801f9c94.jpg

Last but not least is Zoya Maria Louisa, a irregularly shaped gold flakie top coat. I actually thought it was glitter when I picked it up. Once I realized it was flakies I decided maybe I should exchange it for another polish, I have a few gold flakies in my collection, However think it is starting to grow on me, it is a nice gold topper.

 photo IMGP7764_zps09ceee6d.jpg

 photo IMGP7724_zps9feff1da.jpg

 photo IMGP7714_zps9603ce1d.jpg

Last Stop, Marshalls. In the past I was never able to really find anything good polish wise but this time they had a lot to offer. Lots of Orly sets with random couplings of polishes. I also found some great Sephora by OPI full size gift sets. I stuck with one of the Orly dul sets, for $5.99, you can't go wrong! What's even better, these are from the Flash Glam FX collection which I have seen for as much as $11 regular price.

 photo IMGP7752_zps1331663c.jpg

Orly Go Deeper is a teal holo glitter in various sizes and shapes with regular mini teal glitter suspended in a jelly teal base. I can see this one being easily built up to opacity. It reminds me of a mermaid tail and I love it! I wanted this polish when it was first release but was not willing to pay the higher price, glad I waited!

 photo IMGP7768_zpsbc97f254.jpg

The second polish apart of this set is Can't Be Tamed, a purple and gunmetal glitter of various sizes suspended in a clear base. This definitely a glitter topper and apart of Orly's Flash Glam FX line

 photo IMGP7767_zpse67a8e91.jpg

Swatches of both below,Go Deeper is two coats and Can't Be Tamed is one coat. 

 photo IMGP7719_zps9e4b1e66.jpg