Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Neon Floral

Totally forgot tot post this earlier today! I thought it as scheduled... oh well.

Today I have a mani fresh with China Glaze Neon, And On, And On. I loved this colour so much and did not want to remove it, I touched up some minor chips on the tips of a few nails and stamped Bundle Monster BM-323, a ful nail rose pattern, over top. My stamping polish of choice was sally Hansen Whirlwind White.

 photo IMGP6788_zps1029dcdb.jpg

 photo IMGP6784_zps49d6ea3c.jpg

 photo IMGP6787_zps7807d38f.jpg

This looked so much prettier in person, the boldness of the neon polish in contrast with the delicate white design was so perfect!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Neon and on and on....

I love neons for summer and China Glaze is probably my favourite for colour/finish. Every year they top their last summer collection. Today I have a light hot pink with a hint of coral, Neon, And On, And, On.

 photo IMGP6749_zps3a006c0a.jpg

 photo IMGP6747_zps56089b86.jpg

Formula wise, the polishes I have tried from China Glaze's Subsational collection, so far just the creams, have been a tad hard to work with, although I have worked with worse. Neons are usually notorious for bad application, usually too sheer, but the issues I had was thickness of the formula and bald spots. The colour is pretty opaque which I am happy with, but you may need an extra coat to even everything out in the end. 

 photo IMGP6745_zps712f71e3.jpg

 photo IMGP6770_zps99112993.jpg

I chose to go with two coats, but could have used a very thin third to even everything out. The one think I dislike the most about neons is wear time, the usually chip too soon. This polish started to chip in the usual spots I get wear first, my thumbs and index fingers. The others had very little to no tip wear during the duration of my mani.

 photo IMGP6748_zps719e409e.jpg

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fresh Tribal

I loved Too Yacht to Handle so much I didn't want to remove it, even when it started to chip a bit. My favourite way to extend a mani is to stamp fun stuff on top! I chose to go with a full nail design, Bundle Monster Plate, BM-315. The geometric pattern remindes me of the strong tribal trend lately.

 photo IMGP6737_zps4caa2a64.jpg

 photo IMGP6739_zps476b4162.jpg

 photo IMGP6744_zps3cd7a0c7.jpg

As always I used my Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Whirlwind White for stamping and finished with a coat of Seche Vite on top.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too Yacht To Handle

This is my favourite polish at the moment, China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle! I almost didn't pick this one up because I already have a large assortment of "Tiffany blue" shades and didn't think I was in need of another one. This shade is super bright, and unfortunately the only photo I have to share with you does not so it full justice.

 photo IMGP6730_zpsf0c1bb1a.jpg

I don't have other photos because the gel base I applied beneath started to chip and didn't look so good in the photos. It wasn't as noticeable in real life, so I have been extending it's wear as long as I can!

I applied two coats with no issues. The formula was on the thicker side so I added a few drops of thinner to even out the formula. I would describe the actual colour to be close to For Audry but brighter. A great comparison of the two, plus others from the Sunsational collection, can be found here, I love this blog!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So Jelly!

I have been feeling jellies lately, so I pulled out this beauty from Zoya's 2012 trio of fall jellies, Paloma, a red based purple jelly.

 photo IMGP6706_zps442e652c.jpg

 photo IMGP6712_zps22018194.jpg

I applied this over my Bio Seaweed gel nails, and I think it added more gloss! This polish is so shiny! Application was great, the polish is self levelling and the formula is nice and smooth. I can't remember if I used two or three coats for opacity, I want to say three but I forgot... catching up on older manis sucks! Nothin' much else to say, but I have some more photos...

 photo IMGP6709_zps833e8d10.jpg

 photo IMGP6718_zpsb3d0519a.jpg

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bio Seaweed UV Gel

Today I have a brand of UV gel polish to share with you plus a quick review. I'm not sure how popular this brand, Bio Seaweed Gel is, but I know they do have stand alone salon/spas and I have seen the polishes themselves for sale at my local beauty supply.

Here are some reasons why I have always wanted to try DIY gel nails:

- they keep your natural nails stronger 
- long wear of polish
- prevents staining
- helps short nails grow out

I had already done a gel mani on my toes and it wore pretty well. The true test is on the finger nails since they are put through more daily than toes. I applied one coat of base, cured for one minute with my Kiss LED UV lamp, then applied my top coat and cured for another minute. The result was strong wet shine nails!

 photo IMGP6698_zpsc3d966e6.jpg

 After everything was cured I preceeded to apply my regular polish on top (Layla, Mercury Twilight). These photos are actually after a week of wear. I basically used the gel as a base for my regular manicures, that way I don't have to use a base coat. This was after removal of the first manicure, Mercury Twilight, with non acetone polish remover. Looks like I just applied them, right? There is a tiny bit of growth visable at the cuticle.

 photo IMGP6703_zpsd64e86d8.jpg

So on to the second week, I applied another polish on top and half way through the week I started picking at it, I thought I was picking at the regular polish on top, but I was picking at the gel too, not so good. I though I could cover it up with a third mani...

 photo IMGP6730_zps39ffa64c.jpg

I was wrong lol, oh well!. 

Removal wasn't too bad, what worked best for me was the foil method with pure acetone. Once I removed the foil the polish didn't just wipe away (maybe I needed to leave it longer? It kind of crumbled and I used an orange wood stick and nail file to pick and file the rest away. Is this normal? Maybe it is just this brand but I have never heard if this before.

I am looking forward to trying this out again very soon, I am taking a trip to Punta Cana next month and want my polish to last since I will not be bringing any with me. Another review on wear to come when I get back.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Haulin' for FREE!

I got some awesome polishes in the mail last week, best of all these were all completely free thanks to SwagBucks. I have mentioned them in the past but just had to mention them again again. Basically you earn points on their site by playing games, filling out polls, online surveys and web searching and you trade in your pints for anything you'd like! The best are the gift cards, my favorite being Amazon. Check them out if you are interested here.

On to the polish, I have been waiting for these babies for a long time! Sally's hasn't gotten the China Glaze Sunsational in at all yet, weird considering it is a summer collection! I couldn't wait any longer so I purchased them online. My picks include,

Highlight of My Summer, Too Yacht To Handle.

 photo IMGP6726_zpsf3e2f10c.jpg

Highlight of My Summer is a bright lime green pastel, very summery. To Yacht to Handle is so awesome, I almost didn't get it because I thought it was too similar to For Audry, this is not the case. More on this polish to come soon.

Shell-O, Heat Index and Neon, And On, And On.

 photo IMGP6724_zps13d17595.jpg

Shell-O is pretty much bang on colour wise to Flip Flop Fantasy, which is one of favourites (currently on my toes!) in jelly form, so you know I just had to have it! Heat index is a bright pink jelly neon, I heard it's sheer, but the colour it gorgeous for summer. Neon And On, And On is a lighter pink based coral neon, this one is a creme.

Swatches below in the following order: Shell-O, Heat Index, Neon And On, And On, Highlight of My Summer and Too Yacht To Handle. All cremes one coat, all jellies two coats on a white tinted nail wheel.

 photo IMGP6728_zps0938a61f.jpg

 photo IMGP6722_zps80e6ce1b.jpg

I loved these so much I ordered three more from the collection! Sunsational is a great compilation of shades for summer, China Glaze doesn't disappoint for summer collections, I'm thinking of getting a few more from last years collection!. My only request would have been a bright yellow pastel/neon to complete this years

Friday, July 19, 2013

Holo Refresh

Happy, Happy Friday! I loved Layla Mercury Twilight so much I didn't want to remove it, even though I was getting some major tip wear. I decided to do some stamping, I haven't done that in a while. I chose Bundle Monster plate BM-301, a gradient-like splatter, perfect to cover up my chipping tips!

 photo IMGP6685_zpsd1de3d08.jpg

I used my go to black stamping polish, and old school Sally Hansen 10 Day No Chip in Blackberry.

 photo IMGP6692_zps6cccba09.jpg

I love the look, but adding topcoat kind of dulled the holo effect. Still pretty though :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Back... With an Awesome Holo!

So I had a mini hiatus the past two weeks it seems. It wasn't planned or anything, just a lot going on, I guess it all started the July 1 long weekend, which is also my birthday, so didn't do too much blogging. I have also been working from home for a little over a week due to a sports injury, which explains the lack of posts. I usually draft them up on the commute to and from work! My basement was also flooded last
Monday, that was a big distraction, and the start of this week I caught a cold! How do you catch a cold during a heatwave? I should  be able to catch up by the end of next week, I have still been wearing polishes, just not as much as usual.

 photo IMGP6677_zpsfa8a1dfa.jpg

So lets start off with my birthday mani, I wanted to wear something bright and eye catching, Layla's Mercury Twilight was perfect! The prismatic effect on this silver holo was spectacular! The photos do not do it justice! At first I applied two coats, but ended up adding another one the next day to avoid as much tip wear as possible.

 photo IMGP6678_zpsdfef5554.jpg

It applied pretty well, I have a holo base but chose not to use if since I freshly applied a clear UV soak off gel, I will have more in that in an upcoming post. I didn't have any problems with application considering I used no base.

 photo IMGP6679_zps851281e6.jpg

This polish is awesome! I guess I will let the photos speak for themselves!

 photo IMGP6680_zpsf6d0256f.jpg

 photo IMGP6681_zpscb534e9d.jpg

 photo IMGP6682_zps66b89c4f.jpg

 photo IMGP6684_zps002090bf.jpg

Friday, July 5, 2013

PolishObsessed Now Available to Follow through Bloglovin!

I am so late to setting this up but it was requested by one of my readers, so here you go. PolishObsessed is now available to follow on Bloglovin! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spotted - Sally Hansen And Revlon Duochrome Collections

Kind of been MIA wit hthe extended long weekend I took! Better late than never though right? I was in The Real Canadian Superstore a few weeks back and spotted some displays which I am glad to see in Canada! First up, Sally Hansen.

Limited Edition Beach Brights 

 photo IMG_0098_zps117e1db4.jpg

Shown in this display are the following shades:

Lemon Zest
Kiwi Bikini
Blueberry Blast
Pinch of Punch
Pink-Grape Fruit
Berry Juicy
Peach Beach
Ice Pop

Under The Sea

 photo IMG_0099_zpsfdb99448.jpg

I didn't get the specific names for each polish, it appears this display may have been tampered looking at it now.

Mermaid’s Tale
Black and Blue
Please See Me
Jungle Gem
Water Color
Blue My Mind

Revlon Limited Edition Chroma Chameleon

 photo IMG_0101_zpsd6812007.jpg

This display looked to be picked over, but the collection includes eight shades:

Pink Quartz
Rose Gold