Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bubble Gum

Don't you love how bright neons can give the illusion of a tan? Just look at the photos! I actually need a tan badly, on Saturday plan on spending most of my time by the pool soaking up as much sun as possible :)

Today I have another Color Club from the Wicked Sweet collection, so far I am loving EVERY single one of them, scent and all. This pretty neon baby pink is called Bubble Gum Yum, it applied well in 2 coats, and smells like pink bubble gum :)

I will have more colour accurate photos of this polish colour tomorrow, I did some nail art with this as a base for my birthday last Friday :) The colour in these photos are slightly lighter than what you would see in real life.

I found the scent on this one didn't last as long as the grape, after a day or so it really faded. That didn't bother me though, I could see myself getting annoying with it if it was scented too much for too long.

*EDIT* I just realized I finally have a valid Pink Wednsday post! lol I think I actually set it up that way when I had drafted up my posts but forgot to mention it. So yeah, now you know :)


  1. I was thinking exactly that - neons give the impression that you are tanned!!Very preety neon pink

  2. i loooove this! its so pretty and creamy

  3. yummm is all i can say about this one :)

  4. Pretty!

    I wish neons gave me the illusion of a tan...they make me look even paler!


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