Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mint Mojito - I'm Ready For Summer!

Today I have one of my new Nabi polishes, but unfortunately the name sticker at the bottom is missing! I looked around the net and think this is called Light Green... Super original, I know!

It's such a perfect shade for summer, I wanna call it "Mint Mojito Green With a Sllice of Lemon", or something like that lol.The lemon is for the yellow undertones :)

I made the bad decision of trying to apply this on a hot afternoon in the sun. Application was hard! The heat made the polish thick and gooey, I would not recommend doing this! I ran in to my cool house to finish polishing my nails and it was smooth sailing. I added a very thin second coat after the first to even everything out.

This is not your average "mint green" it is so close to being a neon, I want to call it a pastel neon! If that even makes any sense.

For my fist try at Nabi polishes I am pretty impressed. I like the formula, but can't comment on dry time as I applied Seche Vite on top. So far the wear is great too. I've been wearing it since Saturday and I just have some very minor tip wear where I usually wrap the tips, not on the actual nail.

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