Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summertime Neon

I could not wait to Remove my old mani and replace it with one of my new China Glaze neons. The first one I chose to wear is I'm With the Lifeguard, a bright neon green with light green yellow shimmer.

It applied well in two coats which also gave me full coverage! I found the formula to be a little thick and it got a bit goopy the longer the top was off the bottle. It was easy to apply but I would consider dropping some thinner in the bottle before the next use keep the formula manageable.

As usual it dried to a matte finish which was quickly corrected by a nice coat of Seche Vite. Now it's nice and shiny :)  and the shimmer really makes this polish glow!

I had actually applied this in a rush before going to bed so it wasn't my best application, but I can't remember if I wrapped the tips with topcoat or not. Either way only a couple of days in I got some subtle tip wear, but you can hardly tell. The photos are actually on day two of wear with the "tip wear" visible. Not all that noticeable.

This is a pretty cool shade, the only other neon green I own is Claire's mood polish which changes yellow... Also my only yellow neon lol. I have honestly been intimidated to buy these bright neons in the past because I know they are a pain to apply and maintain especially in the summer. They usually need to be built up to five+ coats on their own or paired with a white base. I'm super glad I choose these neons though, none of that seems to apply, it must be the shimmer.

Do you have any polishes from this collection? What are your favorite neons?


  1. This looks pretty on you! Good to know that this was only 2 coats.... The few neons I own look like they're opaque when I first apply them, but then later I notice vnl (Sinful Dream On!).

  2. Wow this really seems to glow! Looks amazing!

  3. I fell hard for all the CG neons in this collection despite I said no - I was only going to pick a few. I have like you, yet to wear any of them. I am ready for a polish change on toes this weekend so thinking it will either be this one, the red one, or the darker of the 2 purple ones first for me (that is if I don't cave to a glass fleck or a blue which have been calling my name of late)


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