Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mimosas Anyone?

I am soooo happy I purchased this polish! China Glaze Mani's Before Mimosas is a beautiful pastel coral, very unique to my collection. I usually get so excited about coral shades when I see them online, but when I actually go out and buy and wear them they tend to mostly pull too pink on me :( I'm sure lighting, cameras and different skin tones are a factor, I am just glad to finally have the perfect coral for me shade :)

 photo IMGP6151_zps7421b9cd.jpg 

 photo IMGP6149_zps5ff478c4.jpg 

The photos above are the most accurate I could capture, they are with my camera flash. The images below are not as accurate on the nail, however they do show off the shimmer nicely. The colour that shows up in the bottle below is actually more accurate.

 photo IMGP6144_zps0a4b1bbe.jpg

Mani's Before Mimosas is a coral cream with a slight gold shimmer, this is actually more visible in the bottle than on the nail, but this may also help the overall colour to lean more orange and coral. The formula was thick so I added some thinner to help smooth it out. After that it applied fine.

 photo IMGP6145_zps493f380f.jpg

In my photos I only used two coats and made some slight touch ups to a few nails that looked a bit uneven from the thicker application (not shown, on my other hand). That being said, it evened out very well with a layer of topcoat.

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