Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Summer Polish Picks!

With the start of May not long behind us it seems the winter that didn't want to end finally turned in to... Summer? We seemed to skip right over to Spring here in Toronto! But hey, I am not complaining one bit. The sunny and hot weather makes me want to bust out my bright, colourful polishes right now! I have compiled a list of my favourite colours and polishes that correspond for summer!

One of my all time favourite shades of polish, but so hard to find the right one for my skin tone. The perfect coral for me is slightly more orange than pink. Some of my favourite coral polishes are:

Flip Flop Fantasy - China glaze
Manis Before Mimosas - China Glaze

 photo IMGP6503_zpsefa49da5.jpg

BTW, Flip Flop Fantasy is not even close to being captured properly in that photo, must be the mix of sun and being beside another coral that gives it the glow of fire! For a more accurate look at these shades, and the rest I have swatches in the past below, be sure to click the name of the polish.

Summer is about the only time i dear to wear yellow on my nails. Yellow was a trendy shade last summer and I am pretty sure it will be popular for summer 2013 as well! My faves are:

Happy/Earthy - Claire's  -- When warm of course ;)
Sunkissed - China Glaze

 photo IMGP6497_zps46ac61f1.jpg

I had to run Happy/Earthy under hot water before snapping this pic!

Claire's Happy/Earthy is also a great polish when cold for another summer favourite of mine, green! Here it is cooling off to green.

 photo IMGP6505_zps6db1268c.jpg

Bright, summery and bold. My picks for summer are typically neon, however some of my favorites include:

I'm With the Lifegaurd - China Glaze
Baby Green - Nabi

 photo IMGP6504_zps01e79aa5.jpg

Orange is one of those colours you can pull off year round depending I the shade. I absolutely love my neons for summer, just to name a few:

Orange You Hot? - China Glare
Japanese Koi - China Glaze (my first EVER China Glaze mani!)

 photo IMGP6498_zps585bc280.jpg

Who doesn't love a hot pink mani for summer?! I have so many pinks, before I started growing my collection I had a good selection to choose from! Some of my top favourite pinks for summer are:

Shocking Pink - China Glaze
Yum Gum - Color Club

 photo IMGP6501_zps8be432f7.jpg

So what do you think of my summer polish list? What are your faves?

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