Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunset Gradient

So I decided I wanted to go a little bit further with my last mani and use it as a base for a sunset inspired gradient. This was pretty quick and easy, all I needed was a coral pink/red jelly polish and a sponge!

I have tried cosmetic and dish sponges and prefer the cheap dish sponges, for me the cosmetic sponges soak up too much of the polish. All I did was pull out OPI Big Hair, Big Nails and applied a small amount to the sponge, then I took my base colour, Orly Crush on You and applied another small amount right beside the other polish. I then lightly dabbed this on the nail concentrating the pink at the top of the nail.

 photo IMGP6539_zpsa124ac58.jpg

 photo IMGP6542_zpsaf3060d8.jpg

 photo IMGP6545_zpsf8daad00.jpg

Once the first layer is dry, repeat the same process until you are happy with the saturation of the gradient. Add a layer of top coat to smooth everything out and you are done! I would recommend a thick  layer of topcoat to smooth over any texture that was created by the sponge.

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