Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When Stars Collide

Another holo today from China Glaze's Hologlam collection. I want to wear each and everyone of these right away, however these colours still don't seem spring or summer-like to me. They should totally come out with neon holos, those would be awesome! I chose to wear When Worlds Collide since it is so rich and pigmented, because of this I knew immediately I would love it!

 photo IMGP6432_zps0d3ad8d2.jpg

 photo IMGP6438_zpsf9b1d20b.jpg

 photo IMGP6429_zps450cb422.jpg

I applied my Nfu-Oh aqua base which made application a breeze. The formula was a little thick but I can't recall if I added any thinner to the bottle for my first application. I only needed two coats and added a base coat for longer wear. I was disappointed with wear for only one day, I already started noticing tip wear and slight chipping at the tips! I couldn't believe it, even with a top coat.

 photo IMGP6436_zps50606bf5.jpg

 photo IMGP6434_zpse8d4dbb9.jpg

I ended up adding a third coat ON TOP of the top coat layer and then added another layer of top coat in hopes it would make the mani last longer, but I think it may have been too late. I camouflaged the tip wear and chips pretty well but have a feeling it won't hold up for too much longer. All indoor photos with lamp light were right after first application of polish and all out door photos were right after the touch up layer of polish and top coat.

 photo IMGP6452_zpsc631fd56.jpg

 photo IMGP6452_zpsc631fd56.jpg

I love how you can still wear a top coat with these holos and it won't effect the holo. For reference, I used Seche Vite. The holo on this polish it probably one of the strongest in the collection and I love it. The shade of polish it's self is such a deep beautiful amethyst. In very low light it appears so have somewhat of a pinky pearly shine. The holo is visible best in direct sunlight but can also be seen indoors with various types of lighting.

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