Thursday, July 15, 2010

China Glaze - Re-fresh Mint

Hey Ladies :)

For some reason blogger has been giving me issues when I try to upload pictures around 6-7pm, so I have decided to try to get my posts out earlier rather than later in the day :)

Today I have a China Glaze polish from the Up and Away sprint collection, I still have not worn all of the colours I got from this collection but the ones I purchased included:

- Lemon Fizz
- Light as Air - haven't tried
- High Hopes - haven't tried

Here I have Re-fresh Mint, I really like the name :)

This polish applied well, way better then Lemon Fizz ( I will discuss that polish in an upcoming post) and I am pretty sure I got away with using 2 coats for this one.

Indoors, flash. This was taken right after the polish was applied

I absolutely love this colour! I'm really loving pastel blues and greens lately.

This mani wore so well that since it wasn't chipping I didn't want to take it off! So I added some no name pink/bronze glitter nail polish on my ring fingers.

Indoors, flash.
 If you view the larger image you can see the small cracks in the polish, but still no chips!

What do you think of this colour? What are some things that you do to make an older mani feel fresh and new again?


  1. Blogger is a PIA that way sometimes. I was looking for this color earlier in the week but couldn't find it. Booo!! I found something that worked, but it wasn't the same. Pretty color.

  2. Thanks :) what colour did you end up picking up?

  3. This is one of my faves! I totally love this colour. :)


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