Monday, August 23, 2010

OPI - Jade is the New Black

Hi Ladies,

Finally, an actual polish post :)

Today I have my mani that I wore for my parents 25th anniversary celebration. My final decision was OPI Jade is the new black which I picked up for $6 Canadian, how great is that!

On a side note for a second - I was on my way home from work and thought I was going polish nuts because I thought I saw a sign for OPI ... turns out, it was real! "OPI - $6.00" how did not notice this before? I have been taking this way home for 2 years now!

Anyways, I finally checked it out last week and along with my mani colour I picked up Moon over Mumbi. I wish they had a larger selection, but it was mostly their core line with the Hong Kong collection.

Back to the polish now!

I really love this, when it first came out I was meh about it. I bought it specifically to wear with my outfit, but it is great. I don't have too many OPI's but out of all the ones I own this had the best application, very smooth and clean. very little clean up was needed and dried really fast!

these photos I took were right before I chopped my nails off :( my left nails had started to chip and I wanted to even them out... oh well, they will grow back.

Wear on this polish so far is awesome, I painted my nails on Thursday night and the only chip I got was on by thumb (you can see in the first picture), but that was my fault lol.

It's kind of weird that this colour was included in the spring/summer collection, it reminds me of a fall colour. I will defiantly be wearing this polish in the upcoming fall months.

What is your favorite colour from the Hong Kong Collection?

P.S let me know if you wanna see the whole outfit I wore, I don't have the pics on me now but if you ladies wanna see it, I will show it :)


  1. I want this one!! It's so great<3
    (and it's true, Jade really IS the new black! ^^)
    And yeah, I would love to see your outfit!

  2. Thanks Lois :) I have to get the pictures off of my parents memory stick, i'll see if i can get it up maybe tomorrow

  3. That's really pretty - I need this colour!
    Lol good find on the $6 OPIs!

  4. That colour looks great on you! Beautiful!

  5. Leeblee -thanks, i was so excited to snag it for that price

    Lulu - thanks a lot :) i wish i didn't have to cut my nails down! tomorrow I will have a post on Jade with my short nails ... plus a little surprise :)

  6. So pretty! I just started buying O.P.I polish, and the ones I bought went on really smooth. Top quality! And you got this one for a great price! Lucky! I NEED to get this color, or something similar, becasue I don't have any "jade" colors in my collection!


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