Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Haul Time!

Hi Ladies,

Today I have all of the polishes I have purchased in the last month. It's not as grand as some of the other blogs out there (Deex-Nailz hauled 96 polishes in the states! wowza!), but I am trying to cut back and only buy what I really "need" lol.

On to the polish!

unnamed no name polishes - 50 cents each!

I got these polishes at the discounted makeup place I am always talking about. I almost had a heart attack when I saw their ad, it looked like they had some OPI's for 50 cents! ... but obviously WAY to good to be true, the bottles were identical though! I might pick a couple up, they were mostly sparkly colours.

American Apparel - Office, Malibu Green and Peacock

After seeing these on other blogs I knew I had to have them. Some of the colours I wanted were out of stock (factory grey and seasonal peach). I might have to go back ... am I the only one who feels awkward in that store?

Claire's -Mermaid and Fire

I had wanted mermaid for a while now and fire was on sale. I think I wanna try out Asami's (Nails by Asami) mermaid manicure with Claire's mermaid as the base coat :)
* note - Claire's has also gotten in some new cute pastel shades, I love the mint and lilac.

I saved my 2 favorite colours for last :)

Orly - Royal Navy

I wanted this one sooooo bad... picked it up at Sally's, saw the price, put it down. I saw it for $6 at a Beauty supply place I frequent so I finally picked it up. I'm not sure if the bottle was stored weird in shipping but I included a front and back pic... they almost look like 2 different polishes! lol the shimmer all stuck to one side, I gave it a good shake after I took the pictures :)

Nox (Twlilight - Poseidon)

Last but not least Poseidon, such a sexy colour! I'm so glad that they are selling these in Canada. Unfortunately, I was unable to find them (at my Rexall) I was so embarrassed asking the sales ladies if they had the "Twilight" polishes in ... not a fan... sorry. My kick ass boyfriend, however, found and surprised me with this one last week, isn't he the best :)

That is all for now, but I may be heading to the states on the weekend, any good spots to hit up in buffalo for polish? let me know :)


  1. Sweet bf you have :) We can't beat Deez with 96 bottles, can we? lol

  2. great haul!
    i always feel awkward when i go into AA too, i never go to the clothes when i'm buying polish so they must think i'm weird! i try to wear the AA clothes i have to try to fit in when i go ahhahaha

  3. Halifax - he's the bestest :)

    Smita - lol thats funny. I dunno about that place, the people who work there look like the same people in their ads!

  4. I want american apparel laquers! and I loove that one from Orly, too :)

  5. Thanks Lois! i was exited to get some great colours, but a little bit nervous because I already have soooo, so many ... it's hard picking out colours to wear and i'm starting to run out of room!

  6. Nice!! The first grouping have really pretty bottles. I've been eyeing Royal Navy for so long. *jealous*

  7. Megan - I haven't tryed Rroyal Navy yet, but i say get it, it's tooo pretty! i wanna try that one out soon, I've been wearing a lot of blue lately

  8. What is this wonderful discount store? Is it in TO? I have a girlfriend there I might be able to send on a mission! Great haul! and thanks so much for visiting my blog, yo!

  9. JQ - it is on Sheppard and Batherst in Toronto. its a hidden little beauty place that has a select amount of opi's for $6.

    no prob, but can you remind me which site is yours? when I click on your info is is private. please leave the link here to refresh my memory!

  10. Oh that's happy baked with cheese. I'll have to let her know so she can go shoppping! Thanks!

    Odd. I'll have to remedy that info thing. I'm at fripperydigits.blogspot.com. Just starting out. Only been up since the first week of August! :)


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