Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shes Nubs

Hi Ladies,

Today I have a polish re-fresh for you. I'm still wearing OPI -Jade is the New Black, even through cutting and filing my nails with the polish on it has yet to crack or chip! (with the exception of my right thumb, this was my fault, not the polish)

When deciding on what to do with my nails for my parents anniversary, I had thought about something silver and shiny. When I had decided to go with JTNB, I thought how great would this look with some shiny gold? I think it would have been too over the top with my outfit (to post soon!) at the time, but decided after the party I wanted to try out my new $OPI top coat - Only Gold for Me.

I attempted a gradient effect with the top coat, which is large and tiny hexagonal glitter suspended in a clear base. I like the randomness gradient/glitter.

What do you ladies think, yay or nay?

* Fun Fact - every time I look at my short nails I get "She's Nubs" stuck in my head! lol
If you know the band that sings this song, you kick ass :)


  1. OOooh Jade is the New Black. So going on my wish list! I find that I really like those giant glitters when they are sparkling out at me from the bottle, but I usually wind up strategically placing them like rhinestones. Here they look very under the sea. Like bubbles rising to the surface of champagne or something. Neat effect!

  2. JQ - thanks for your comments :) i thought this post was boring or something, no one commented. i like how you think it looks under the sea or champagne :) i really like this top coat, it's so awesome, I highly recommend it!

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  4. That's so pretty! That gradient really works well with it too!

  5. Thanks, i wish the pictures were better. i am trying new lighting sources for my photos, the sun is my favorite light... unfortunately it was setting by the time I got home from work


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