Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Revlon Polishes - Quick and Dirty Haul Swatches

Hey Ladies,

While changing my polish yesterday I did some quick and dirty skittle swatches of the majority of my Revlon haul. The 2 I didn't include were Gum Drop and Plum Night, Gum Drop is a back up that I have already used on my toes :) and Plum night I had alright swatched the day I got the polishes :) ... but forgot to photograph

On to the polishes:

From left to right - Peach Nectar, Peach Smoothy, Grey Suede, Lilac Pastelle

Lilac Pastelle - a nice lilac cream/jelly? (this was a weird one, semi-jelly? lol either way I like it). 2 coats, applied pretty evenly. If I were wearing this for a full mani I would probably apply 1 last thin coat to avoid any streaking.

I like this colour, it is a bit lighter than Gum Drop and leans more red, where as Gum Drop leans more blue.

Grey Suede - a light brown cream with light golden shimmer. 2 coats, applied very well! I love the subtle shimmer this polish has, this will be great for fall. I wonder how it would look with a matte top coat... I wish I had thought of that last night when swatching!

Although the polish is named "Grey" Suede, the polish is actually a light taupe brown.

Peach Smoothy - a light peach cream with subtle golden shimmer. 2 coats, applied evenly. This is a very nice neutral, the shimmer adds that little something special.

This was one of the Revlon Scented polishes. From what I can remember from last night, the scent was sweat, but not too peachy. It reminded me of vacation lol.

Peach Nectar - a peach jelly. 2 coats, applied evenly. If I were wearing this as a full mani I would definitely add another coat or 2, I didn't expect this shade to be so sheer, it looks so bold and bright in the bottle. I think the extra coats would eliminate the VNL and this polish can also double as a base for a French Mani.

So what do you think of these polishes? Whats your fave?


  1. I'm wearing Peach Smoothie right now, kinda wanted something sweet smelling on the nails last night :) I did 3 coats to bring out the peachy pink colour a bit more, I like it that way. Love the scent

  2. Halifax - love the colour, i can't remember the scent that well lol I kept regretting not getting it during the Rexall sale, so I'm glad I finally got it :)

    I had also seen it at Winners of all places! it was $5.99!! how crazy is that?

  3. Wow ...
    Revlon beautiful glazes.
    My favorite was the Lilac Pastell. I love pink. Hahaha.
    Danielle can you pass me an email so I can write for you?
    This is my English ... Urgent need to return to study English. A month ago I'm not going to the course. Kkkkkkkkkk. Just google translator that saves me. Just do it for me to comment here and in other international blogs.

  4. I went back on the last day, and picked these guys up as well. Wished they had some of the brighter colours left, cause i ended up giving some away (thinking they would still be there :T lol). Anyway, im glad someone else thinks that the prices are meh at the loreal sale too! i went my first time 2 years back, and I remember being very surprised that the prices were so low...but now >_< but then again its still savings~
    I didn't know they had limited tickets too! my other friend once went everyday to try and get a black liner (she was at york u), so I didn't think much about it. But thats interesting to know as well~

  5. rasilla - yea, i saw your haul and got excited, but a couple of them weren't there anymore. Although I am pretty sure they were restocking, someone would come out an dump a small box of new polishes on the the pile every now and then when i went lol.

    I'm not sure if i'll check out the L'oreal sale this year, i usually don't know its going on lol i just find tix at home from my aunt, so whenever she passes them on I try to go, but it's such a bitch to find parking.

    The best thing I found a couple of years ago was a Ralph Lauren Rocks gift pack, full perfume, lotion and body wash for $18!!! I was questioning the sales chick is "this the real price?!!" I should have gotten 2, i love the scent :)

  6. made me giggle. You said 'the scent was sweat'...ewwwww. lol. Sorry...I hadda pick at ya for that lol. =P


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