Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween mani, ideas and my first water mani :)

Hey ladies,

Today I have a Halloween mani and some other Halloween nail art designs and ideas :)

I decided to do a water marble a couple of days ago, I had attempted one a couple of weeks ago on an old mani before changing it, it was a lot easier than I had thought. I decidd to go with traditional orange, black, and white for my Halloween themed marble. The colours I used include:

Sally Hanson - White Ghost (Base)
Sally Hanson - Black Out
Color Club - Tangerine Scream
Color Club - Wham! Pow!
Sally Hanson - Silver Slingalade (mini holigraphic sparkle topcoat)

click photo for hi-res version and to enlarge :)

I like how each nail came out different, when I created the marble design I wanted it to be random and I was pretty happy with the final result (although I preferred how the design came out on my left hand better, this is pictured)

I will definitely be trying this out again in the future, I can already picture a Christmas or Valentine themed one :)

Below I have some other Halloween nail art/designs I came up with:

I used a white base and a purple BM Swirly/circle stamp to create an abstract eyeball look :) I completed this look with some dots in the middle of some circles and a topcoat of a file holigraphic glitter.

This next one looks a little messy because I didn't use Konad black for stmaping. I was originally trying to freehand a candy corn design but wanted to see how a stamp looked over top. I used a BM plate fo this design aswell.

This one is my fave, I would wear this just as the accent nail on a full mani of this colour (color club - pucci-licious) I freehanded the stripes with a thin striper brush and topped it off with a subtle multi-sized glitter.

For this last design I actually prefer it without the spider. I am actually considering replicating this one for halloween if I have some time on the weekend. I used a base coat of a deep burgandy and layerd ot over Wet and Wild - Night Prowel. I then stamped with my BM spider web pattern/spider with a Sally Hansen Chrome.

So what do you think ladies, anything you like? What with your Halloween mani be?


  1. beautiful!

  2. I really love how your marble looks! a very fine holo topcoat is a great idea! I totally dig the purple and black stripes for sure! I wish I had a good halloween purple this year!

    I might have to go with the mummy nails again. I just can't get enough of them! I better decide quick huh? :P

  3. Oh the water marble came out good! I remember months ago, my sister I attempted at it and failed horribly lol.

  4. Your stripes rock and that water marble turned out amazing!

  5. Paola - thanks :)

    JQ - thanks, for my first full water marble I'm pretty happy with the results. I like the mummy nails, I would go with them :)

    milan and vanaily - thanks, glad you like it. keep trying, you'll get it :)

    Freshie - thanks, I might do a full mani of the stripes

  6. I love all of these! The water marble turned out so good!


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