Thursday, October 28, 2010

Space Nails

Hello ladies,

Today I have THE colour of fall, it is just so perfect and fall! Originally when I saw swatches for Orly's Cosmic FX line Space Cadet didn't really do anything for me, not my colour I thought.

After seeing pictures of this beauty on other blogs I knew I wanted it. I actually came across these before they were supposed to be released at a Sally's in Buffalo. I spotted them in the back of the store at the end of August but I thought that $8.99 was too much when I brought them up to pay so I left them. I was soooo kicking myself a month later when these were nowhere to be seen!

When I couldn't find Space Cadet anywhere and saw MORE photos I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT! I was going nuts trying to find it! I finally found the full collection online (M Beauty Lounge) for a $6.75 and they shipped to Canada! SCORE!! By awesome boyfriend got me Space Cadet, Galaxy Girl and Out of this world (I have the dupes for the other 3)

Anyways, on to my many photos :)

I used 2 coats of Space Cadet over I coat of black. Please enlarge the photos for all the sparkly, foily, flakie, duochromy goodness, the photos are huge! :)

looks so cool in the bottle, 2 shots here to show you all the colours in the polish.

In the light I saw more of a copper/gold colour.

Align Center

I love you you can see so many different colours at once, I didn't get bored of this polish at all!

The base is green but when I wore it I hardly saw green. In low light I got a purple/pink foil.

I dont think there is anything else to say, enjoy the photos :)

On a side note, has anyone ever ordered from M Beauty Lounge before? Have you ever heard of it?


  1. I have Space Cadet 2 and I just love it. Nice post

  2. Oh my, no wonder everybody wants to have this one, and now it goes on my wishlist for sure, your pictures are incredible!!!

  3. oh this one is gorgeous! ♥

  4. Isn't this one awesome?! I love it - I want to wear it again and again, but I already have too many untrieds just sitting there collecting dust.

  5. Wow, gorgeous! How much was shipping to Canada? I've never ordered from M Beauty Lounge before.

  6. Steffie - thanks :)

    JQ - much love!

    lolaa - this is definitely a must have, hopefully it's easier to find now with the dupes from Mac and Hard Candy. And thanks about the pictures, I wanted to show as much of the colours in the polish as I could!

    beyond - thanks :)

    Megan -sooo awesome! I usually get bored of my polish after a while, but since this one changes colour so much I didn't get bored at all, just mesmerized lol

    Chantal - I think shipping was around $6 for 3 polishes, I don't know if that's good or not, I don't usually buy online (all of the prices I stated are in USD) I found that site randomly though a google search, sooo glad I did :)

  7. Thanks for the info, I might just order from them - $6 seems reasonable to me :o)

  8. I just found your blog as I was looking for a review on M Beauty Lounge. I'm in Canada too so it's nice to hear their shipping is reasonable. They're prices almost seem too good. Did you have any issues with them?

    Space Cadet is one of my favs too. I need to get more from that collection.

  9. Michelle - Awesome, thanks for visiting :) When I first purchased from them it seemed kind of sketchy, I had never heard of them before and none of the blogs I followed mentioned them. Most of their pricing is alright but I find they take advantage of most of the discontinued polishes by charging more.

    I didn't have any issues with them, the only purchase I made was that one (which included 3 Orly polishes). One thing I didn't really like is that they wrapped the polishes in tissue paper!! but it was in a bubble wrapped envelope.

  10. hey did you get charge canadian duty fees?
    im looking into buying a few polishes from them but not sure if id get charge customs -_-'

  11. I personally did not get charged any duty fees or additional charges other then what was originally paid for :)


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