Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh Naturale

Hi ladies,

Today I have a polish from one of the Winners Color Club collection packs I purchased recently, Oh Naturale.

This colour is a peachy/orange jelly and I used 1 coat on my nails in these photos. The reason for the 1 coat was because I wanted to attempt a half moon mani with this and another colour, but more on that tomorrow.

Over all one coat was alright, I have visible nail line but for one coat of a jelly, it produced decent coverage overall.

I did have some issues with this polish. Some of the spots I went over a little thicker with polish took a lot longer than I thought to dry (which is not good when you want to stick nail guides on the polish!)

In retrospect, I should have painted my nails earlier in the day with this colour and did the half moon closer to the end. Unfortunately I was limited for time, helping out with Thanksgiving and making mini pumpkin spice cupcakes :)

Oh well, I will let you guys see how my half moon turned out tomorrow.

What do you think of this jelly? Decent coverage for 1 coat?


  1. I like this! It seems to have great coverage for a jelly.

  2. I have that experience with all 3 of the CC polishes I've tried. I wonder if it's just my luck or if it's a consistent thing with CC?

  3. Zara - it's alright for 1 coat

    Megan - are you talking about the dry time? I'm not 100% sure if all of their polishes are like that, I will have to investigate with the new ones I have!

  4. That's really pretty for just one coat. I need to dig this out of my stash and try it!

  5. Eee! We have one Winners in Saskatoon and I went yesterday and found just one lonely box set on the shelf. It was Pardon My French! Thank you for the tip! I was sad there wasn't any of the other sets but who am I to complain I wouldn't have had the dough to buy them all anyways!

    I haven't tried any yet so I am very excited to see you use Oh Naturale. :) Can't wait to see the moons!


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