Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sally's Pumpkin

Hey Ladies,

Today I have a halloween/fall colour, Orange Pumpkin from Sally Hansen's New Lengths Ceramics line.

I think this colour is the perfect fall orange, its not overly bright or neon and has a very slight undertone of red (although the pictures may show it a bit more). Actual colour is close to the bottle pic above, click to enlarge.

Although I love any reference to fall and halloween, I kind of wish they were a little more creative with the name lol. Orange Pumpkin? Oh well. I actually have a couple other Sally Hansen Ceramic polishes with similar "halloween names". I should gather them up and make a short post of it. Nothing out of the ordinary, your standard colours, orange, white and black.

Over all I really like this colour, perfect orange for me. I find that neon oranges are a little too bright for me. The application was great, I used 3 coats, but could have gotten away with 2. This polish is super shiny and glossy, in the pics I am not wearing a topcoat.

Dry time was a little weird. I THOUGHT it had dryed pretty well and fast, I'm not sure if my coats were too thick or something, but i painted my nails on Sunday morning and on Monday morning I woke up with some sheet marks... kinda weird. Never happened when I wore this polish before.

Expect to see some halloween nail art with this polish in the next couple of days ;)

What is your favorite colour for halloween?


  1. i hate sheet marks! i always paint my nails before bed, usually im in bed watching tv.

    this is a really nice orange! usually I stay away from oranges due to the fact I cant find one right for my skin tone.

    i picked up some halloween decals but im not in the mood to play around with the, yet, prob closer to halloween.

  2. Argh! You had this on for a whole day and you still had sheet marks the next morning?! Ugh! It's a pretty orange, but I don't really *do* orange because of the yellow in my skin tone, but, it's pretty on you!

  3. Tina - me too. sometime in my sleep i think i scratch at my nails tooo ... i know, sounds super weird right lol I hate it! it's worse than sheet marks!

    The best way to "fix" the polish after getting sheet marks is applying a nice coat of nail polish thinner directly on the nail with a paint brush :) works every time to get a nice smooth look again.

    Megan - I know, it was so weird! I know what you mean about the undertones, but I love this orange, I think it's perfect for my skintone :)

  4. Oh that's a great tip for fixing the sheet marks! Thanks for that! And I really love this colour.

  5. JQ - thanks :) I can't remember where I first heard of that trick, but it is such a good one!

  6. This is a very pretty orange! I don't think I've seen this particular SH line before...is it discontinued?

  7. Zara - I still see it in drug stores and supermarkets (in Canada), but I think it has been around for a long time.


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