Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sally Hansen - Foil Polish Haul and Comparison

Hello Ladies,

Today I have some Sally Hanson Foils I just picked up. I was in a foil mood from seeing so much of the China Glaze Holiday collection foils and just happened to find these :)

From left to right: Applause, Rave Review, Brushed Gold, Antique Frost and Pure Metal.

I had picked up another one, but it was close to Pure Metal so I didn't swatch it.

Applause - a purple foil with what looks like some silver bits
Rave Review - a deep silver foil, looks like there is a hint of deeper shades in there also
Brushed Gold - a yellow gold foil
Antique Frost - a bronze foil
Pure Metal - a white/platinum silver

Below I have them swatched on my fingers:

click to enlarge :)
Thumb - Pure Metal
Index - Antique Fost
Middle - Bushed Gold
Ring - Rave Review
Pinky - Applause

natural light

Overall I would have to say that my favorites are Applause and Rave Review, they are definitely the most foily polishes of the bunch. Brushed Gold is alright too, but the gold is a little too yellow for me, same goes for Antique Frost, too bronzy. These 2 were also a little bit more frosty than I thought they would be.

Pure Metal was an interesting colour, it was a mix between a foil and a chrome, I think this one would work good for konading.

Click to enlarge :)

I'm glad that these ones were so cheap because I get to try them out and if I don't like them, I don't feel so bad :) I actually really do like them, it is very different for me, but I like it.

Over all these are decent, easy to apply, easy to remove. I'm pretty sure that there are a couple of collections in here, one sounds theater themed and the other is more metal/metallics. Does anyone know for sure? I wish each brand had a timeline of their polish collections, that would be so awesome!

Click to enlarge :)

Anyways, what do you ladies think? Do you like foils? If these were still around would you pick them up?


  1. Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! The colors are so nice! Foils are very cool! And you have such beautiful nails!


  2. Aww :) thanks, I think this is the longest I have ever grown them out!

    I used to be a nail biter ever since I can remember! I finally stopped 2 or 3 years ago :)

  3. where did u pick these up??? i havent seen them? im liking rave review a lot.

  4. I picked up the applause awhile back at Walmart they were $2 on sale. I really like them! your nails look great too

  5. Oh nice! I notice walmart usually goes on sale for these, and you can get them for like... 2 dollars??

  6. Tina - I got these polishes at a discounted cosmetics warehouse by my house. They usually carry a bunch of Sally Hansen ( t got all my prisms here), Maybelline coloramas (flakies), NYC and random others for 50 cents each.

    BoldNBeautiful - Thanks :) I have really been trying to keep them long and healthy lately.

    Katrina - thanks :)

    milan and vanaily - awesome, I usually bypass this collection when I see Sally Hansens and go right for the Salon one lol But they are usually cheap

  7. oh they look so pretty^^ gotta put my race review to use soon :P

  8. Im not a huge fan of foils..and yet I have a ton of them! I think i'm not a fan of them because I can't really stamp/ decorate on top of them because I find that it takes away from their shiny/ glitter coverage...or I find my stamping doesn't show up.

    but I have been looking everywhere for an indigo foil/ frost.

    I like Applause the best!

  9. these look great on you! I love Applause!

  10. rasilla - thanks :)

    Shortandwidenails - thanks, I'd love to see foils in more colours, i tend to see only metalics (gold, silver, etc)

    Lois - Thanks :) I actually was out last night and found Applause and Rave Review, I had thought they were discontinued.

    Where I saw them (Superstore) they sell for just under $3! I'm definitely going to check out that place again tomorrow to se if they have any other current polishes for 50 cents!

  11. haha, it's the China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection, minus the blue! That's the first thing I thought when I saw your skittles.

  12. These are really pretty, and your nails are looking great!

  13. Jeannie - lol, hey, your right!

    Zara - thanks a lot :)

  14. LOVE these colors. I actually have Rave Review Critique and have been trying to hunt the others down to no avail. :(

  15. Pure Metal is one of my faves out of this lot. It's a one-coater and great for Konad! I too wish that there was a list with release dates somewhere, I've yet to find it.

  16. nailXchange - I feel the same way! Sally Hansen has so many interesting lines from years past that I would like to know more about, as nerdy as that sounds lol. thanks for visiting my blog by the way, I found yours a couple of weeks ago and really enjoy it :) I love local blogs!


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