Friday, November 26, 2010

Sally Hansen - Sequin Scandal

Hey Ladies,

Today I have a quick mani post, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Sequin Scandal.

Click to zoom in on the shimmer!

I keep wanting to call this one sequin sandal lol, I think I read it wrong the first time I saw it on a blog and now it's stuck in my head!

This is a part of the latest limited edition line (by Tracy Reese). When I saw the full display I knew I had to have this and Problem Child, they were the stand outs for me. One thing both polishes have in common are these little flakie bits. I didn't even know Sequin Scandal had them, but once you give the bottle a good shake they appear. Keep this in mind when purchasing, to me it looked like some bottles had more flakies than others.

My photos show 2 coats with no topcoat. Unfortunately it was grey the day I took this picture so you don't see a lit of the shimmer, I forgot to take a flash shot. This polish is very pigmented and you could get away with one thick coat if you wanted to, I opted for 2 thinner ones.

The colour is a deep olive green with golden/green shimmer. I really love it :) I am super in to the darker shades lately. Fun Fact: when I was in high school all I wore was black nail polish lol

The formula on these "salon" polishes are awesome, I really like them. I always have to get use to the brush at first, but it really helps to get a nice clean curve at the cuticle.

This polish definitely needs a topcoat to truly sparkle, but I had planned on layering another colour on top, so I decided not to add more coats of nail polish on top than I needed to.

What do you think about the newest Sally Hansen Fall collection? Which polishes are your favorite?


  1. I am going out shopping this afternoon and I am picking this one up for myself as a "you cooked Thanksgiving dinner by yourself, you deserve a little something" gift. LOL WANT!!!

  2. Freshie - thanks :)

    Megan -Awesome! Definitely well deserved :)

  3. I love this! its so pretty I just wish it was cheaper!

  4. Toesthattwinkle - i know what you mean. I always wait for these to go on sale. I think they were on sale for $5 plus I had a coupon for $1 off :)

  5. Hello Danielle, First of all, excuse me for not writing very well in your language. I don't manage to find the polish SALLY HANSEN SEQUIN SCANDAL. You would agree to buy me one and send it to me in France. Of course, I shall pay off to you the polish and the postal charges. I can pay by Paypal. I thank you for your answer. Goodbye.

  6. I forgot to join my address for the answer: Thank you

  7. cocolive = thanks :) I will email you directly


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