Monday, December 20, 2010

Candy Cane Nail fail

Hey Ladies,

Is everyone else super busy and feel like they have no time lately or is it just me? I finally finished all Christmas shopping and wrapped all my gifts up, tonight I will bake a final batch of sugar cookies. I am almost officially ready for Christmas :)

With that in mind, I have some Christmas themed "nail art" I really didn't wanna post lol. This was my attempt, attempt being the KEY word, at a candy cane mani. I thought it was only fair to show you ladies since I had asked for your opinion on how I should go about doing a candy cane pattern.

There it is, not clean up and all... As you can see I used a striper brush with VERY thick polish... I really should have given it a good thinning before using but it was too late to save what was already on my nails :( I will definitely want to try it again, maybe next year.

I ended up just taking all the polish off and starting over again, but this time with a new design in mind. This week will be full of Christmas manis, I hope to keep up on my blogging and not miss a day this week because I think I do have quite a bit to show you.

I haven't decided 100% o what I will be wearing Christmas Eve or Day but I am open to suggestions :) some polishes I am considering using are:

Revlon - Emerald City
China Glaze - Frosty
China Glaze - Party Hearty
China Glaze - Ruby Red Pumps
China Glaze - Emerald Sparkled
OPI - Here to day Aragon Tomorrow (Suede)

What do you plan on doing for your Christmas nails? Let me know, I am really interested to find out :)


  1. I like the design! I think it looks good! I really think you should have kept it on. Oh well.

    Right now I have "Here Today Aragon Tomorrow" (the normal version, not suede) on my toe nails, and "Ruby Pumps" on my finger nails. :D


  2. I think it looks good - not a fail! Right now I have ChG Swing Baby with holly stamped with ChG Jolly Holly and red rhinestones. Not quite sure what I'm going to do for my actual Christmas mani (we're traveling and I need to do something that will last).

  3. Lindsay - thanks! I was really unhappy with it, it bugs me when I don't get lines like that really close to accurate. oh well!

    I like the colour combo you have on :) I did a ruby red pumps French mani last week, I will have the post up this week!

    Megan - thanks :) Can't wait to see your mani, are you posting it up on your blog soon?

    I would consider using a glitter, those polishes usually last a while.

  4. I'm definitely using Party Hearty for my Christmas mani. I just haven't decided what to layer it over. Right now I've got about 20 contenders lined up on my coffee table!

  5. It looks better than anything I could do with a striper brush! Lol! I'm gonna be doing a base colour of OPI Color So Hot It Berns and Konading it up using Color Club in Rule Breaker and Sally Hansen in Celeb City and Gilt-y Pleasure. Adding some holo striper accents as well!

  6. Bad Luck Baby - lol I know EXACTLY what you mean! so hard to just pic one :(

    Kee.Kalena - aww thanks, I just need to thin that polish out or use a different one all together. Can't wait to see how your Christmas maniturns out :)

  7. I like the idea! have you thought of trying a konad (or konad-like) stamp, I believe there is one out there like this design.

    ooo and I am in love with Here Today, Argon Tomorrow Suede, Gorgeous with a top coat of seche vite (my bottle arrived today, Can't wait to do a full mani with it :) )makes me want to get the entire Suede Collection. Do you have any others from it?

  8. Cupcake - thanks :) I didn't want to use the Konad stamp because the lines were too uniform and the one I have (actually a bundle monster plate) was soo small to fit some of my nails.

    I only have the 1 OPI suede, haven't tried it yet, but I hope to soon :)


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