Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Revlon Powder Puff

Hello ladies,

I fell like I have had no times to blog lately, let alone do my nails! I am currently still wearing this polish, Revlon's Powder Puff, I applied it Thursday night.

The formula overall was kind of weird to work with, it is white and it does need to be built up. I used 2 base coats of OPI, Bubble Bath to try and eliminate as much visible nail line as possible. Once that was dry I applied 2 coats of Powder Puff. I ended up dinging one nail so when I applied an extra coat to that one nail, I added them to the others as well.

One note I'd like to mention that I hope helps you with application is to apply thin, even coats and allow a good amount of time between. This way you can get the best coverage and because many coats are needed it should help with overall drying time also.

The colour is a soft white matte that is not as harsh as other whites. I tried layering it over white to get rid of the VNL, but it took away from the softness of the polish. It looks almost creamy.

These pictures are of my nails right after I painted them. As you can see in the bottle, there is a slight blue flash that is hardly seen on the nail in its matte/suede form. I have not added a topcoat yet, but I would imagine it would be more visible with one.

Overall wear has been great, minor tip wear not really any huge chipping, the worst I got was on my thumbs, but that has always been the case for me.

I found myself really loving this colour the first couple of days, but now I feel like it is dull and not as white as the first day.

Now, back to the quick post from yesterday, candy cane nails. I would like to do some nail art themed around candy canes, I am still trying to decide which method I should use, please take a look at yesterdays post for some options I listed. If you have any other ideas, please let me know, I will be making a decision and creating the design tonight!


  1. this nail polish color looks pretty nice =D

    creamy white with pearl* cool

  2. I love powder puff I just wishwish it was a bit more opaque. Or that I wasn't so uncomfortable with VNL. will you post with a topcoat before taking it off? Merry Christmas from SK. :)

  3. i like the shimmer in this polish...there's just enough shimmer but not too much. I have the problem where I apply the polish..love it for one day..and then that's it. bored the next day. ha

    stripes = I would use the bm plate..and the part where it wasn't stamped because the images are so small I would freehand and extend the lines.

  4. JQ - Thanks :) I replied to your latest comment on my other post.

    shotandwidenails - that was how I felt about it too! i loved it for like 2 days, then I wanted to do something but it but i didn't know what! then I had not time o i ended up removing it :(

    Thanks for the BM plate tip :)


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