Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Nails ...4 more days till Christmas!

Hello ladies!

Today I have a funky french Christmas mani to share :)

For this look I used:
- Nailene guide stickers
- OPI, Bubble Bath
- China Glaze, Emerald Sparkle
- China Glaze, Ruby Red Pumps
- Seche Vite top coat

I applied 1 coat of OPI, Bubble bath as a base (...and to cover up some slight discoloration in my nails), waited a bit for that to dry and once I was 100% sure they were, I applied the french tip guides.

This was my first time using the nailene french tip guides and they worked out very well! the only issue I had with them was the line wasn't as crisp because of the glitter in the polishes. I did go over some nails again to try and get a cleaner line, but it was nothing that bothered me too much :)

Left Hand

I finished everything off with a a coat of Seche Vite, which was also my first time using it and wow, everything dried so fast and the final look of my nails was super glossy and shiny! They almost looked like acrylics! I can't believe I never used this before, definitely need to stock up, I really love the look, especially for French manis.

My rarely seen right hand lol

So that is it, I used Emerald Sparkle for my thumb and ring finger and ruby pumps for the rest, but you can see that in the pics lol. What do you think? I really like this one, simple but festive :)


  1. Very pretty! I love the green accent nails!

  2. This is really pretty - those are the perfect colors for the Holidays :)

  3. So pretty!! I wish my nails were long enough to do a French for Christmas (I had to chop them all down last week). The red and green are perfect together.

  4. It's really ironic that yesterday, before I painted my nails completely "Ruby Pumps" I had painted just the tips of my nails "Ruby Pumps". I ended up removing it because I did a sloppy job, but I did take pictures. I might post them. I don't know. Lol.

    Yours look much better than mine.


  5. Bad Luck Baby - Thanks :) I didn't want to do every other nail red and green, ! like how to accents look better.

    Morgan - thanks, I knew I HAD to do a Christmas mani with these 2 colours before christmas!

    Megan -thanks :) I think this is the longest i have ever had my nails. I got 2 breaks in both thumbs this past week, but they alway break :( I may wrap them, I gotta be more careful!

    Lindsay - Awesome! I noticed that a lot of other girls had similar if not the same ideas within the last couple of days. Ruby Pumps is such an amazing colour and i've only worn it as a full mani on my toes :)

    I'd like to see it, but i know how you feel, I'm not too crazy about sharing my sloppier manis either

  6. I can't believe it's almost xmas!

    This is cute, I realized I don't really have many/any christmas greens. :(

  7. I know, It's like Christmas just snuck up on us! within the last year I have collected way more greens than I think I need!

  8. So pretty!
    I have never thought of doing a french mani like that for Christmas but it works perfectly. Well done!
    I am in love with that green! I may have to hunt it down :)
    Glad you like Seche Vite, it is definatly the best fast drying top coat, altough it does tend to go a bit gloopy after a while and you end up wasting half a bottle :( oh well it is a sacrafice I am willing to make for mega shiny nails!!!

  9. Cupcake - Thanks :) I would get it if you can find it, i picked up mine from Sally's when it was on clearance for under $2!

    I just got my Seche Vite and i found it thick to start off with so i just thinned it out and it works great


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