Monday, December 13, 2010

Candy Cane Nails - I NEED YOUR HELP!

Hello Ladies,

I need your help on deciding on the best/interesting way to give myself a candy cane mani. I currently am wearing Revlon, Powder Puff (which will be posted tomorrow!) and I would like to create a candy cane inspired look over that polish. Some ideas that come to mind include:

Konad/Fauxnad. Diaganal lines can be stamped with my BM plate. The only issue I have with this is that the stamp is a tad bit too tiny to fit all my nails.

Tape. Tape off sections of the nail to create a diagonal line template. This can then be painted over to reveal thick bolded lines when the tape is peeled off. Multiple colours can be used (red and green)

Freehand. Using a striper brush I can create a more unique candy cane design when compared to the BM pattern (thick and thinner lines, multiple colours) Many tutorials are available.

Water Marble. Using red and white polish I can create a water marble design that may be close to:
1. peppermint candy (think swirls), or
2. bold lines close to candy cane stripes

What do you think? I really need some help here! I would like to try this out tonight or tomorrow, so please let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas you would like to share.

Thanks a lot :)


  1. The water narble would definitely look the nicest, but I think using tape would be the easiest to get nice crisp lines. Your choice!


  2. I agree with both previous comments - I think the Peppermint Candy Swirls would be perfect!!

  3. I think watermarble would be good, I used a striped, but the swirl was hard for me!

  4. kinda ocd when it comes to things like this.

  5. LOL! i was thinking of doing the same...well just candy cane in general.

    I would like to see a marble of this, because you know.. I can't seem to marble for the life of me. :'( haha

  6. Thanks for your suggestions ladies :) I will figure out for sure tonight what I will choose and hope to post soon!

  7. Water marble peppermint swirl sounds killer! I recently did my candy cane with a striper brush. My tongue was sore. Seriously, it must have made friends with my ear while I was trying to paint my right hand. :)

  8. lol awww! thats funny! I actually tried to freehand it, but my striper polish was so thick i messed it up and removed the polish ( without a topcoat, to answer from your other comment).

    I have a Christmas mani now that I am in love with! will post soon, December has been so busy work wise, and personally! I hope to get back in to the swing of things in January so I can post more regularyl.

  9. I tried the tape method, it didn't work. I used a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen and freehanded, and mine turned out quite good! I was even able to do my non-dominant hand quite good, by myself.

    Here are my nails:!/photo.php?fbid=182719125073150&set=a.107655209246209.13933.100000051914577

  10. Chloe - I love your use of tape! I really gotta try it out sometime. For some reason the link doesn't work :(


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